02:30 PM | 27-12-2018

Hi …What are the alternatives to dairy milk? ? Are super market based organic milk really organic?

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5 Answers

06:32 PM | 27-12-2018

Goodmylk in Bangalore sells pasteurised cashew and oat milk. You can make coconut milk at home ( 1:1:: grated coconut : water ) ; almond milk soak and use fresh water to extract its milk etc. 

one more book has got released recently - https://www.amazon.in/Rasoi-Everyday-Milks-Step-Step-ebook/dp/B07LG9715G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1545733964&sr=8-1&keywords=raw%20rasoi%20milk


Organic milk is also not for human consumption. My family has suffered their ailments even with it. Plants are the only and best food source for humans.

12:08 PM | 27-12-2018

You need to be more specific, as to your need and trigger for the question?. If it is for infant whose mother is not producing milk, it is a tough choice. If it is for adult who has not learnt eating regular food, regular food is indeed the replacement of milk. I stopped drinking milk since the age of 2 I suppose (not something I remember :-)) BTW, plants don't produce milk.

Dairy industry successfully marketed cows milk as substitute for breast milk as source of calcium! Calcium is present in almost all the food we eat. How our body absorbs and store them is a different topic altogether.


12:07 PM | 27-12-2018

I now make my almond milk at home myself.. soak a fist full of almond in hot water overnight.. next day, I peel off the skin. Then, grind it with little water to a thick paste. Later, you can add water to get it in the consistency of your liking. The best part is, I also soak 2 spoons of sesame seeds and 1 spoon of poppy seeds. This enhances the nutritional quotient. After making the milk, I usually add some honey.

12:07 PM | 27-12-2018


Hi … Almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk are great alternatives to dairy milk. You can make these milks from soaked or even nuts that are not soaked.  

Also if you soak almonds overnight and remove the water and store in the fridge for a week....anytime you need almond milk, just take them and churn them. Add some elaichi powder or paan patta.  Cool it in fridge and your nutmilk is ready!

12:06 PM | 27-12-2018

You can try https://veganarke.com. They are now called GoodMylk. I have not tried them, but have only heard good reviews.

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