10:05 AM | 07-05-2019

Dear all, need help for the right kind of diet for my 15 year old son. He is into high intensity cardio, 3-4 consecutive days a week? I have heard some people recommend proteins (like eggs) right after a session. Our coach give has not given any such recommendation, so I am not sure what should I give to my son to keep up his strength & energy (before and after training).... Any advice?

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09:48 AM | 08-05-2019

Hello, as a family we go to the gym and are into weight training ourselves. As a female, I am not keen on bulking and my husband is more into getting his 6 pack. He has been into this since more than a year now. We did not really worry about proteins or any of those post and pre work out foods or drinks that certain gym trainers brainwash people into. 

For a few months, he was on Twice cooked meal and once fruit in the morning. The fruit is really full -600-700gms roughly. Drank a green juice before gym just for hydration and nothing else. Cooked is vegan whole food plant based and it was twice a day. 

Then 6-7 months was majorly on one grainless meal and one grains meal among those 2 cooked meals 

Then gym instructor was also influenced at my energy levels and his background on raw also was good. So he encouraged my husband to eat more raw for muscle building. So he switched to one raw and one cooked for lunch and dinner. He has now a 3 pack perhaps and he has shed a lot of weight and gained muscles over that. He lifts about a 100kg and all this is just raw plant power.  No fancy proteins - not even pea proteins. We don’t worry so much about what he eats. He is just eating full on healthy raw foods. He also loves eating peanuts. So he snacks on them. That’s it. I am sure in a year more he will have a solid 6 pack to show off and this is not unnaturally developed by some protein that damages the kidney. It’s naturally developing and the body will learn to grow with the food. Hope this helps. The others have mentioned some healthy dos and donts which must be followed anyways, but focusing on high raw is a must. Nuts or seeds and other fats are not necessary for developing although it does not come in the way. Only raw helps - greens / veggies / fruits. It’s extremely imp that he gets a good rest in terms of sleep. Only sleep and raw will address his needs. Check this journey. 

My fitness journey fuelled by whole plant-based raw foods

10:53 AM | 07-03-2019

Hi! While it is important to understand what to add in your child’s diet, I would want to share my opinion on what should NOT be added or should be avoided to meet his nutritional requirements. Please try to avoid:

  1. Processed and packaged foods – essentially anything that has a long shelf life. Put him on fresh foods.
  2. Refined sugar – you would be surprised to know how this one ingredient in our diet can deplete the body of essential nutrients. As a sweetener, you could opt for natural ones – honey, dates, jaggery etc.
  3. Maida – You could try introducing diverse grains to him like millets
  4. Refined oils – oils and fats are much needed. However, we should try and get oils & fats from natural sources like nuts & seeds.

10:53 AM | 07-03-2019

A young boy at that age for sure needs lot of nutrition for growth and development. As you mentioned he is into high intensity training, his food and nutrition certainly needs attention!  It is common to associate physical strength with non-veg food and in order to get the required proteins and with dairy for getting calcium. However, I am of the opinion that sticking to a whole, plant-based diet can well take care of your nutritional requirement, even for people with higher demands than average. I would suggest you include loads of raw veggies in your son’s diet along with fruits (fresh as well as dried), nuts and seeds. If he likes drinking milk try giving him nut milk – maybe almond or cashew or coconut. Sprouts are a very high source of proteins – you could make a sprouts chaat or sprouted dal chilla/dosa to give him variety. Some pointers that would help you make the right food choices for him :

  1. Nuts – are body-builders and are a natural source of fats. You could add nuts to salads, curries or have them as is or as nut milks.
  2. Fruits – are energy giving foods. Make sure he take at least 2 servings of fruits – one in the morning (preferably empty stomach) and one in the evening around 4-6 pm. Keep the quantity substantial
  3. Raw veggies – help our body repair and regenerate. Hence he must have them as veggie juice and as salads. Encourage him to begin his cooked meals with a salad.

I hope this is of some help to you!


10:53 AM | 07-03-2019

Hi! You could give him coconut water instead of water, to keep him hydrated. That will also provide minerals to his body. Increase his intake of nuts and seeds, banana, beetroot juice, especially after the workout.


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