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10:25 AM | 21-09-2020

Hi Team, 4 months ago I was diagnosed with Vitiligo i. E June 2020. As Vitiligo is an Autoimmune Response rather a skin problem from August I have been following a diet & I am fasting for 16 hours. Along with Phototherapy and steroids. But not sure about my diet! Condition has improved by 25-30% overall. But I don't want to stick to Allopathic medicine for longer time,I want to heal this in naturalist way, guide me better.

10:46 AM | 15-07-2020

Hi, I’m having a white patch ( vitiligo) on my right cheek from last 9 years, and I’ve been taking treatment from a very long time but there is no quick recovery. May I know how to get rid of it soon? And what may be the major reasons of this disease?

03:17 PM | 05-06-2020

Can vitiligo will be cured by pranayam and diet? And plz also tell me the pranayam which will help me to cure?

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