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04:14 PM | 14-04-2024

Gallbladder stone 7. 3mm, Please suggest some home remedies

02:33 PM | 11-12-2021

Hi! My sister is suffering from cancer. Though her gall bladder is removed and chemo, radiation also given, but her condition has not improved. Any suggestions?

11:59 AM | 09-12-2021

Can you share some remedies for Gall bladder stone (9mm)?

05:09 PM | 13-09-2021

My husband had gall bladder operation done. He feels pain in lower right abdomen. He also gets anxiety sometimes. Pls suggest what to do?

09:03 PM | 31-07-2021

My mother is nearly 70 years suffering from Liver Jaundice since last three months. Her bilirubin Point was 10 above then. Now after diagnosis her bilirubin level comes to 1. 9. She was doing ultrasound there is a mild problem on gallbladder. What should I do for her further treatment

12:50 PM | 09-01-2019

Hi everyone. My sister has recently been diagnosed with a stones in her gall bladder. She's been almost bed ridden with severe backache ever since, for more than 10 days now and has been told that it's coz of the stone. Pls advise for natural healing or Dos and Don'ts?

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