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02:08 PM | 27-11-2021

I am facing serious acidity and gastric problem, I feel like vomiting most of the time. Can you please help me with the right solutions?

06:46 PM | 30-10-2021

I am 29 years old male. I had panic attacks for 6 months and was under psychiatric medication. Now I am only on propranolol beta blocker 10mg. I experience bloating/acidity everyday which triggers my heart rate and inturn increase health anxiety and i get relief only after gas goes completely. Please suggest diet considering I have kidneystone/sinusitis. Some days I also get insomnia due to bloating on upper abdomen. Heart pounding is the main symptom which increases my anxiety. Please Help.

02:58 PM | 26-10-2021

I am 30 years old & post 3 years my delivery, I am suffering from gastric problem and back bone pain problem. When gastric reflux starts, I face breathing and skin rash related problems. Is there any way to treat this issue?

12:53 PM | 07-05-2021

Pls suggest a natural solution for gas problem.

12:27 PM | 14-04-2021

Hello! My name is Raja and my mother is 45 year old she has very high gastric problem. Sometimes pain in middle chest and then mouth start to getting dry feel like weekness whenever this happens. Sometimes she get admitted in hospital and recently she has angina attack then we do angiography and find nothing. Suggest me something

10:38 AM | 14-09-2020

Mujhe gas ki samsya hai, pet sahi se saf nahi hota hai, 2 sal ho gye hai. Ayurvedic dawai head mai chad jati hai aur khana khane ke bad mouth se gas jyada pass hoti hai. Koi simple wala process hai jis se sab wapas thik ho jaye? Pls help me!

07:11 PM | 04-09-2020

Hey I'm 20 years old and I want to loose 5 kgs of my weight and my present weight is 60 kgs and I have a serious gastric issue because of which I need food every 2 hours and also imbalanced Menstrual problems please Help me!

10:21 AM | 21-08-2020

How to get rid of Gastric problems?

09:30 AM | 27-07-2020

Sir I am in pitta Dosha since two months I have lost five kg weight since two months inform what to eat or not to eat inform permanent cure naturally or medically also I am having gastric problem and insomnia.

09:49 AM | 04-11-2019

I have severe gastric problem with whatever I eat. I eat mostly home cook food and still I feel gas. I drink fenugreek water in morning still no relief from it. Because of that I m having pain in knee. I walk in morning for 30 min daily. Can you kindly suggest diet change or home remedies for permanent cure of this problem?

12:16 PM | 13-07-2020

Gastric issues every now and then. Need to go to the washroom 2-3 times minimum to clear stomach every morning. Need to get rid of this problem. Please suggest.

11:26 AM | 06-07-2020

I am 60 years old. I have so much gas problem & in-digestion problem. Pls help.

06:18 PM | 28-08-2018

What is the reason for increased gas in the body? Is it okay for the body to throw out toxins! Or is it a disease to be taken care of?

10:03 PM | 29-06-2020

Sir my gastric problem is getting more since two weeks I am taking mucaine gel for two times before food but still I am not feeling good so inform what to do to cure gastric problem permanently?

12:28 PM | 26-06-2020

Hi. Good morning to You. I am 62 Yrs Old. I had my open heart surgery in 2013. Presently I am having chest pain at all times. And also my digestion system is also not so healthy. Having always Gastric problem. Please suggest me some treatment and Guidance. I shall be very grateful.

03:50 PM | 09-01-2019

Is there a way to deal with accumulated gas on a particular side of abdomen leading to acute pain and discomfort?

10:22 AM | 03-06-2020

My gastric problem is getting more since two months. Is there a permanent cure?

10:50 AM | 04-01-2019

I am pregnant & experiencing a lot of gas problem. What can I eat?

07:44 AM | 16-01-2019

I am having burp problem. I have gas problem very much. There are too much Burps. Pls tell me remedies.

06:20 PM | 28-08-2018

Why do i feel bloated after eating salad and veg juice?

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