10:50 AM | 04-01-2019

I am pregnant & experiencing a lot of gas problem. What can I eat?

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3 Answers

10:09 AM | 04-01-2019

Food combination is the key.  If eating heavy digesting items such as non veg and eggs, make sure it’s the main part of your meal.  Try and not mix it with a grain; instead eat a lot of veggies esp root vegetables with it along with a salad.

Make sure the fruits are before meals in morning and evening.  

10:09 AM | 04-01-2019

Keep a lookout on food combinations. Since in pregnancy we focus a lot on eating, we may actually end up mixing foods groups.  Gas is body’s signal that it is having a digestive load. To keep it simple here is what I did during pregnancy.

Mornings would be for fruits, not one, not 2 but atleast good 2-3 rounds of fruits.  I would eat mostly mono fruits in each round (i.e. one fruit at a time instead of mixing all).

This would be followed with a veg juice at about lunch time. After an hour would be lunch, which would be a cooked meal along with salads.  The salads would include a lot of sprouts, nuts, raw veggies.

Evenings again would be for fruits.  I made sure there is enough gap after a cooked meal. I would eat only when hungry. Dinner would also be a standard cooked meal, but with a raw salad again.

I would take small meals instead of eating everything together, to make it easy for body to digest.

10:07 AM | 04-01-2019

Take 2-3 glasses of vegetable juice every day, one glass in morning & 2 glasses in the evening. Eat light & avoid gassy foods. In my view, some foods may cause gas in one person and not for others. You may want to observe and avoid foods that particularly make you feel gassy.

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