06:18 PM | 28-08-2018

What is the reason for increased gas in the body? Is it okay for the body to throw out toxins! Or is it a disease to be taken care of?

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5 Answers

10:47 AM | 20-11-2018

Wrong food combinations are mainly the culprit for acidity. Understanding food groups, eating cycles (circadian rhythm) and eating more in tune with nature helps. For example relook at if you are eating a lot of food groups together i.e grains, cooked veggies, legumes, dairy and non veg all together?

The best would be to simplify your food intake as per food groups.  Keep your morning light with ample fruits intake. You could do an early lunch with lot of raw veggies as salads. For some days, keep grains and milk out of the lunch and dinner.

In evening snacks also, go for fruits or veg juices.

10:46 AM | 20-11-2018

Reduce your processed and packaged foods.  You may be surprised how much of processed food may be in your weekly food intake.  Table salt, refined sugar, refined salt, refined oil, all of that cut them out completely.  Food wise go for fresh raw fruits veggies as juices, raw salads and steamed food. Cut out dairy and meats.

Add sunlight, ample breathing, and regular activity to your routine.

10:46 AM | 20-11-2018

Hi! Disease or any ailment is body’s way of eliminating toxins. Yes we do need to take care of diseases, but through supportive actions. So what actions support our body? To our bodies, we provide inputs in various ways, ie sunlight, air, food, rest and activity. When all these actions are in tune with nature across our bodies are supported well and it can function to create a balance.

In terms of food, reduce your heavy load foods such as dairy, non-veg and grains. You may actually be thinking raw foods is the culprit, but more often than not its these heavy digesting food eaten in wrong combinations that create a lot of acidity. Increase you fruits too, remember to eat them alone not combined with any other food group.

Add raw salads and sprouts to your cooked meals, it will provide the necessary enzymes to your digestion.

10:45 AM | 20-11-2018

Roast a little ajwain and powder it, add to it little grounded mishri mix and have with warm water to relieve gas. Take 1/2 tsp of ajwain, roast it a little. Grind it. Mix it with powdered misri and have with warm water. Will help the gas.

10:44 AM | 20-11-2018

Hi… high acidity and gas, bloating indicate high level of acid in the body. Here the acid means imbalance of acid-alkaline balance. You should focus on increasing alkalinity. Eat only when hungry, eat raw only, if you feel like eating cooked have soup or steamed veggies.

Sun is the primary source of energy so ensure you are taking ample daylight / sunlight.  In summers, go out in early morning sun. ...Rest lots, stay positive, take no stress.

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