07:44 AM | 16-01-2019

I am having burp problem. I have gas problem very much. There are too much Burps. Pls tell me remedies.

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4 Answers

05:55 PM | 17-01-2019

There are no quick-fixes to chronic medical condition.

Too much of gas/burps is a signal your body is giving that everything is not alright inside you. Burp can have many causes. Common among them is eating or drinking too fast or too much leading to improper digestion (indigestion can itself have many causes).

Eating or drinking too fast without ample chewing will mean that the food reaches stomach without adequate amount of saliva (amylase), which is the first step of chemical process of digestion. Having missed this vital step food will not digest properly and the indigested food will start putrefying in the stomach/intestines and create flatulence which will find its way out either through burps or farts.

And this inconvenience is just the beginning of complications.  An unhealthy stomach leads to most of chronic diseases.

Take care in what you eat and how much you eat.

Keep yourself off of oil,dairy, meat and refined items like sugar and salt (minimum intake if you can't eliminate) for three days, eat small portions of meal, stay hydrated, get ample sleep, go for a long walk (minimum 1 hr) and feel the change.

Don't drink water within 2hrs after and 1 hour before any meal.


07:48 AM | 16-01-2019

To control acidity (which does cause burping) you could try having a handful of soaked raisins first thing in the morning. Continue for a couple of days and observe if it helps. For gas, you could try taking some roasted ajwain with lukewarm water. This could be taken sos.

07:48 AM | 16-01-2019

Some amount of burping is ok as it helps release air from the digestive system. Basically, it happens when we swallow too much air while eating and drinking. But if there is too much of burping it could be due to acid reflux i.e the acid from your stomach comes up our food pipe. I would suggest you to check on your intake of carbonated drinks in particular. That's one we end up taking in too much air! And in the long term try to establish healthier eating habits, such that there is less digestive work for your body. Also, do focus on eating alkalizing foods (like fruits, raw veggies, veg juices etc) to avoid acidity.  


07:48 AM | 16-01-2019

Lookup dry lymphatic massage and do that every day. It is a very light touch self-massage. To help the lymphatic system to drain out.

I  was advised to eat only banana as mono diet every one and a half hour and take rest rest rest for acidity and burp problem. Then they advice cold compression towel on the stomach, head n rose water pad eyes pack.  In between nothing to eat, only mono fruit for acidity and burp.

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