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03:58 PM | 12-04-2024

Bloating in upper abdomen and feeling burning sensation in feet soles and arms also during sleep time and sometimes feel spin

11:59 AM | 12-04-2024

After eating fruits and raw vegetables i have bloating in my upper abdomen how to get rid of it?

12:43 PM | 11-01-2022

I feel that my stomach is always bloated. I also feel vaginal infection. Can you help me?

04:40 PM | 13-12-2021

Hi, my husband has a stomach burning sensation issue. He consumes very less spices & even eats plain curd rice & he feels that food is digested quickly but still he feels his stomach itching & burning. He usually avoids all kinds of oily deep-fried food with heavy spices. Even without spices, he feels a burning sensation in his stomach. He can’t eat outside food. Please, let us know what is the reason behind his burning sensation in his stomach & what can be done for the same?

02:33 PM | 18-01-2021

I'm not able to completely evacuate in the morning. Many times I suffer from bloating. Pl suggest remedy.

12:25 PM | 11-01-2021

I suffer from stomach aches after consuming chappatis. And even bloating. Is there any natural remedy for bloating

12:15 PM | 06-01-2021

I have bloating and diarrhea once in every week. This problem I am facing since 1 year. In spite of trying all medicines it's not working. I cannot understand what kind of food is causing this problem. Pls advise

01:23 PM | 16-06-2020

Hi I am suffering from bloating,excessive burping ,indigestion and feeling hungry after early morning completion of washroom. I am having bacterial infection ,doctor suggested me medication course hp kit for it I completed it I am fine some days and again I am facing same meanwhile I am diabetic patient? How can I cure permanently without antibiotic? It will cure by natural remedies? Please suggest!

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