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06:37 PM | 23-04-2024

Medicine for knee pain?

01:16 PM | 16-04-2024

Am suffering from osteoarthritis and also lower back pain finding it difficult to walk

07:27 PM | 09-09-2020

Hi i am vibha I have arthritis since 18 years how can I heel arthritis with food?

11:00 AM | 10-08-2020

My wife is 60 years old having thyroid, cervical and arthritis. Kindly suggest natural treatment and diet chart for the same.

12:18 PM | 26-05-2020

My age is 23. I am suffering from Arthritis and too much burping. Please help?

02:17 PM | 14-05-2020

I am a 47 year old,suffering with Arthritis ,having severe pain in the hands n legs ,I need to know what is the reason for this disease? I want to know what is the relief from this disease? As I need to go to work ,being a widower, all alone fighting with life.

11:58 AM | 06-05-2020

I am 20 years old. I have arthritis below waist from last 3 months. I can't even walk without help of others. I tried all medications but no effect what should I do?

03:15 PM | 06-04-2020

Hi! My daughter 18 years old, is recognized with rheumatoid arthritis 6 months back. How to deal with this? Now she is under homeopathic treatment.

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