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08:32 PM | 15-04-2024

Hello sir, i need to know whether we can remove number of eyes which is of left eye with -3 and. Right eye with -0. 75

07:12 PM | 10-04-2024

Can I improve my eye sight naturally?

05:41 PM | 09-04-2024

I have purchased vision improvement classes How to find my class

06:54 PM | 10-01-2022

My eye power is -2. 0, how can I reduce to zero? I don't like to wear glasses, is wearing glasses compulsory?

09:32 PM | 24-06-2021

Is there any vision improving sessions by Dr. Kumar in near future?

11:28 AM | 01-12-2020

Hello, my grandfather is 87 is years old. He is diabetic patient. From past 3 to 4 days my grandfather is losing his eye sight. His vision is getting blurry. Same happened 1 month ago but he was later able to see. But same thing is happening now. We are not able to detect the cause. His sugar level is also normal. We got it checked. Can anyone help and tell me why his vision is getting blurry and dark. Can anyone suggest any home remedies.

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