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10:27 AM | 21-09-2020

05:02 PM | 03-09-2019

After losing weight , major people gains weight again in few months , what all care he/she should take for Healthy weight Management?

10:46 AM | 10-09-2020

How to make detox drinks for reducing fat?

10:23 AM | 14-09-2020

Hi! I am 39 years old and my weight is 74 kg. How can I reduce it?

07:49 PM | 07-09-2020

Hello, My son's age is 24 and weight is 114 How can I help him reduce this?

10:08 AM | 31-08-2020

Hello Ma'am/Sir, I am 13 years old girl and my height is 5'4 and I weight 72 kg. Can you please suggest me a good diet and exercises to be deal with being overweight.

10:15 AM | 31-08-2020

Hi mam! I have thyroid and I am lactating mother also. How can I reduce my weight as it is increasing after my c-section delivery. My son is 9 months old.

11:44 AM | 01-09-2020

I am 16 years old boy and i want to reduce the size of my breast because they are big and my weight is 75 kg. Plz suggest some exercises and all.

10:32 AM | 02-09-2020

Sir, I have lost 5 kg weight in 1 month. Please tell me the main reason and also how to cure the problem permanently.

10:23 AM | 31-08-2020

I'm Rashida. My age is 35 and my weight is 84 kg I want to lose weight. My periods are irregular and I have hair fall problem as well. Pls guide me.

07:11 PM | 04-09-2020

Hey I'm 20 years old and I want to loose 5 kgs of my weight and my present weight is 60 kgs and I have a serious gastric issue because of which I need food every 2 hours and also imbalanced Menstrual problems please Help me!

10:03 AM | 20-08-2020

I have been feeling acidity most of the time. I'm 78 kg at the age of 47. To loose weight and avoiding acidity can I skip breakfast? My BMI is 26.

10:05 AM | 20-08-2020

I have post pregnancy weight which I want to loose.... I'm 84 kgs.... Kindly help!

10:45 AM | 25-08-2020

Help me reduce postpartum tummy and belly!

12:15 PM | 24-08-2020

Hi, I am 26. Recently I have put on weight doing work from home. Kindly suggest diet or any exercises to reduce my weight. My height is 5. 3 inches

12:00 PM | 18-08-2020

I am 21 year old I am having pcod and I have become thin, is this because of pcod, how to gain weight and what should I do?

11:31 AM | 13-08-2020

I want to loose weight but I have a problem My thyroid TSH reading is 5. 92. Pls suggest what to do.

05:59 PM | 05-08-2020

How to get rid of belly fat?

09:30 AM | 27-07-2020

Sir I am in pitta Dosha since two months I have lost five kg weight since two months inform what to eat or not to eat inform permanent cure naturally or medically also I am having gastric problem and insomnia.

09:45 AM | 27-07-2020

I am 22 years old and my weight is around 83 kg. I really want to loose weight. Please help by recommending some nutritious diet(both veg and non veg) so i can loose weight. Thank you.

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