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07:11 PM | 04-09-2020

Hey I'm 20 years old and I want to loose 5 kgs of my weight and my present weight is 60 kgs and I have a serious gastric issue because of which I need food every 2 hours and also imbalanced Menstrual problems please Help me!

10:44 AM | 19-06-2020

My sister has bloating and severe headache which sometimes leads to vomiting normally around her period days. Sometimes before period sometimes during those days. Period are regular. Please suggest.

10:47 AM | 19-06-2020

My daughter is 16 and she had her first periods when she was 11. Every month onset of her periods are very painful, she will throw up and will be completely restless because of pain and this constant throwing up feeling. It’s a struggle for me to see her going through this every month. This last for the very first day and next day things gets better and normal. Please suggest some natural therapy that can help her.

12:20 PM | 01-06-2020

I am a 30 year old female. Currently following nature cure principles since two months - sun + plentiful fruit and veg + exercise + wet packs/hip baths when necessary. I'm going through a intermenstrual period two weeks after my regular period. It is with a very heavy flow as well as large chunks of clots throughout the day. I have also noticed dry and irritated skin around the hips. Kindly guide me. Thank you in advance.

03:30 PM | 27-03-2020

I have a lot of stomach pains and pimples on the face during the menstrual period, is there any solution for this?

09:41 AM | 10-10-2019

One of my friend's mother is facing mood swings, her age is 49 years. Is it due to Menopause? How to come out from this Naturally?

08:25 AM | 17-05-2019

Hi, any home remedies for my friend’s daughter who is 14 years and has not got her periods since October 2018. She gets lot of cramps and has already tried allopathy and homeopathy.

11:02 AM | 18-12-2018

Hi! I am a mother of a 15 year old girl. My daughter got her first periods this year. While she is doing fine and coping well with the change, I just wanted to check what kind of diet should I give her during this period of change?

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