11:02 AM | 18-12-2018

Hi! I am a mother of a 15 year old girl. My daughter got her first periods this year. While she is doing fine and coping well with the change, I just wanted to check what kind of diet should I give her during this period of change?

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2 Answers

02:08 PM | 18-12-2018

Hi. Periods are natural body function and of course to be celebrated because they depict a new phase and that her body is functioning well. 
In terms of food, pls continue to focus on the 4 key categories; fruits veggies whole nuts sprouts 

include good amount of fruits in morning. Let her start her day with fruits. 
Also pls ensure she has good dose of veggies in her meals -- more specifically in raw form. So juices are good during  this time. and salads mixed with nuts can be has with meal 
During the days she has periods keep the heavy digesting foods on the low such as dairy non veg and grains 

The key here is to add variety of natural whole foods all through 

If she faces pain in coming months make sure she is on high dose of fruits (for digestive rest) and is physically also sleeping well 

01:28 PM | 18-12-2018

Getting periods is a natural function of the body. No special diet is needed during this time. Continue giving her a varied nutritional diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts etc with lots of greens. Take her of her mood fluctuations if any. Keep iff dairy and non veg as they are hard to digest and cause moodiness. All the best.

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