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07:00 PM | 01-05-2024

Hi, I have skin pigmentation problem and severe digestive issues from 29 years

10:13 PM | 17-04-2024

Hi, my I kid stomach is weak whatever we give she vomit nothing extra she can eat. Why?

07:08 PM | 15-04-2024

Diet plan for elevated LDL, bilirubin, cholesterol

02:12 PM | 12-04-2024

Want to know about Treatment for piles

11:59 AM | 12-04-2024

After eating fruits and raw vegetables i have bloating in my upper abdomen how to get rid of it?

12:14 PM | 09-08-2021

Can anyone help me to cure completely from gerd?

02:19 PM | 24-05-2021

2 din kabz hoti hai, 2 din dast hote hai to kya kre?

12:53 PM | 07-05-2021

Pls suggest a natural solution for gas problem.

10:52 AM | 12-04-2021

Hi, It's like air is trapped (heaviness) between my chest and stomach. Sometimes when I drink water I have to push out some air with mouth. I think its indigestion or bloating... But after that it leads to gas and sleeping problem. I am fed up because I have been eating right, I am an occasional drinker and smoker (once a week at max - 1 beer or 2-3 puffs)... I walk 14km to stay healthy.

12:49 PM | 25-01-2021

Hi I am suffering acid reflux and IBD. Sometimes facing abdominal pain, weight loss. Pls guide me to healing from this problem.

02:48 PM | 15-01-2021

Hi I'm 31 years old, I'm a lactating mother and I'm having digestion problems, severe stomach issues since I had bakery items and gas passing. Can I take detox diet while lactating?

12:24 PM | 11-01-2021

12:15 PM | 06-01-2021

I have bloating and diarrhea once in every week. This problem I am facing since 1 year. In spite of trying all medicines it's not working. I cannot understand what kind of food is causing this problem. Pls advise

11:27 AM | 25-08-2020

I'm vata n pitta dominated 28 years old woman, suffering from tremendous hairfall, gastric problem and acidity. Pimple like rashes full of pus all over my scalp, cause irritation,itching, pain. There is oily type of dandruff also. Some places of my scalp going bald,hair becomes so loose that it comes with my hair comb. What to do?

01:20 PM | 07-12-2020

I suffer from gas and acidity. Whenever I have this problem my mouth feels sore and small bumps appear on the inside of the lower lip. I feel as though my tongue has become thick. A lot of discomfort in the mouth. Pls help

12:30 PM | 04-12-2020

Good afternoon, I am Manoj Kadam 37. For the past few days I am feeling uncomfortable in esophagus and difficulty in passing gas and motion. Pls guide

11:50 AM | 03-12-2020

Feeling discomfort in anus and burning sensation all the time and little pain while passing stool. Pls suggest what to do.

10:55 AM | 16-11-2020

I'm suffering from Cardio phobia, due to which I have death anxiety. My heart reports are normal, Dr said I have tachycardia due to anxiety and stress. But still I have chest tightness (due to acidity Dr said) , high pulse rate, headache and dizziness. Due to anxiety I'm also facing digestive issues and mental health is declining. I always feel like this is my last breath. How do I recover from this?

02:40 PM | 02-11-2020

How to cure digestive problems?

10:44 AM | 26-10-2020

I am 39 years old. My weight is 74 kgs according to my height I must be 67 kgs. I eat only once during dinner and in lunch I have salads or sometimes mono fruit. But since few days I am suffering from flattuence problem and acidity that is during night when I am sleeping.. Please let me know how can this flattuence problem be solved. Thanks.

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