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12:16 PM | 13-07-2020

Gastric issues every now and then. Need to go to the washroom 2-3 times minimum to clear stomach every morning. Need to get rid of this problem. Please suggest.

10:30 AM | 09-07-2020

Severe gas problems including belching and farting. Motion is normal. Pls help!

11:09 AM | 06-07-2020

I m not able to digest food properly I have loose stool and mucus in that what to do?

11:23 AM | 22-04-2020

Hi, I am 34 years old male, from past few days, I am suffering from acidity, with high palpitation. Sometime when I sleep, I feel breathlessness, most of the time I feel something around my heart. My bowel movement is not good, I take around 25 to 20 min, also gas usually forms in my stomach. I have stopped oily, spicy food but its not helping me out. I am a regular night shift worker.

12:22 PM | 29-06-2020

I have some time faced constipation and some time stomach upset cramps in stomach please tell me the remedies

11:44 AM | 29-04-2020

Hi! I m 27 yrs old. As it is month of Ramadan I m fasting in afternoon time I experience pain below the belly button for some time may be for 1 hr, its not constant. Can anyone plz tell me the cause for it and any remedies. I experience only while I m fasting,not otherwise.

09:32 AM | 21-04-2020

I'm 19 yrs old and I'm suffering from gut health issues, gastric issues from last 1 year. In a day I have to visit toilet 2 to 3 times for complete bowel movements. My bowel movements do not complete once in a day. And my food does not get digested properly. That's why I'm scared to leave my house and I'm stressed.

10:30 AM | 30-03-2020

Anyone having digestive issues over a long time and completely recovered from it? If yes ,can you please help how you have done that?

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