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11:35 AM | 06-11-2021

I am a patient of SLE. I want to stay fit & strong. I feel fatigue, body pain,& weakness in body. Due to intake of high dosage of medicine, it is also affecting my skin due to which I am getting marks on my body. I am taking medicines from last so many years & would like to get rid of the same. Please suggest me some useful diet & treatment for SLE.

03:44 PM | 17-06-2021

Joint pains are heavy. What types of foods are better?

04:37 PM | 27-05-2021

I have pain in finger and toes joints since a few months. I had vitamin deficiencies - hemoglobin, B12, D. After taking all the vitamins since past 3 months I am still not feeling any difference. Can you suggest a solution?

11:18 AM | 14-12-2020

Hi, I'm having problem with joint pains from last 2 to 3 years. Now my age is 35 yrs. I know this is not the age to face these problems. But I dont know how to overcome this situation. I have taken medication, ayurvedic treatment, physiotherapy. Still I'm facing a lot. Doctors are saying to take MRI, please any one suggest me what to do.

10:47 AM | 21-09-2020

Hi! I am 34 years old female. Kindly suggest the ways to recover Vit D and B12 deficiency as I am facing severe joint pains. My RA test is negative but ESR is increased. Thanks much

05:30 PM | 28-07-2020

Hello sir, I have left leg hip joint pain. And I have muscle pain around spine in two places. How to overcome please?

01:13 PM | 24-07-2020

I am hypothyroid patient with 0. 07 TSH from last two days my body joints are severely paining at early bed time. How to I recovered from this joints pain?

10:15 AM | 30-05-2019

I have today got up with severe fibromyalgia pain. Its inflammation of muscles around joints☹ and it pains like crazy. It had started two three days back but today it is at its worst. But could you tell me what to do... Pls

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