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09:00 AM | 09-11-2020

My son, aged 31 years has anxiety, depression and sleep disorder. He doesn't listen to any body on his health condition. Pls suggest what to do?

09:57 AM | 26-08-2020

I am experiencing over thinking on everything, all the time. So I cannot sleep properly, cannot concentrate on any work. I feel drowsy when excessive thoughts come. What is the solution? I had thyroid - TSH was 11, diagnosed 3 years back. Allopathy medicine caused me heart palpitation so I stopped medicine. Is this because of thyroid I am facing this issue? I do alunom vilom , kapal bhati pranayam but it relaxes me for few hours only. Pls advise.

10:50 AM | 17-08-2020

I have sleep problem, can’t go to sleep even if I take sleeping pill. Pls suggest what to do.

11:13 AM | 17-08-2020

Do we have any remedies for not getting sleep because of depression n anxiety?

11:57 AM | 04-05-2020

08:28 AM | 27-04-2020

Is 4 hours sleep enough for us?

11:11 AM | 20-04-2020

Hi, I am 35 years old male. From last 1 year I am unable to sleep early. I always sleep at around 3 am and wake up by 9 or 10 in the morning. When I try to sleep early I always think of an illness. I am always having gastritis in the night especially. I always have a fear of drowning. Pls advise.

01:51 PM | 06-04-2020

Hii I hv frequent urination at night due to which I m unable to sleep. I hv multiple stones in both kidneys is my bladder over active or other?

01:46 PM | 06-04-2020

Sir, l am 3o year old and a defense soldier since last 10 years. Before 5 year in year 2015 I couldn't sleep for 2 days without any reason or tension and I became worried what did it happen to me. And developed anxiety disorder and felt I would die soon after 1 month of medicine I felt OK and after 2 months of medication I back to normal life. Still am taking medicine but after that many time I feel negativity and become panic. Sir please tell me how can I overcome this anxiety 100 percent?

01:31 PM | 06-04-2020

Hi, not getting proper sleep from past 2 weeks at night time. If sleep comes sudden wake up morning time and getting headache.

11:34 AM | 01-04-2020

My mother doesn't get sleep in the nights very easily. Most of the days she keeps twisting around and doesn't sleep for an hour also. Please help in this matter.

05:38 PM | 31-03-2020

How to get deep sleep?

09:49 AM | 04-12-2019

How can i reduce my sleep time from 8 hrs to 5 hrs??

12:04 PM | 20-09-2019

How does diabetes affect your sleep?

12:41 PM | 22-09-2019

My Friend have a habit of drinking less water in day time and at his free time in the evening , He drinks water more. But in mid night he need to awake 2 times for washroom. So his sleep disturbs a lot. How to switch and start having enough water in day time?

04:26 PM | 12-09-2019

What natural foods and lifestyle should we follow for sound sleep?

01:43 PM | 08-09-2019

How to come out from force of Laziness during morning time after enough hours of Sleep , that stops us to start New Day with Fresh Morning?

09:17 AM | 02-09-2019

How and how much snoring is harmful to us? What is its remedy?

02:40 PM | 27-12-2018

I am unable to sleep at night.. Too anxious.. Any suggestions?

10:57 AM | 14-12-2018

Hi! Is there anyone else who also has family members struggling with sleep issues? My daughter, who is just 14 years old finds it difficult to fall asleep and keeps getting up in the middle of the night. She remains irritable through the day and finds it difficult to stay focused. Am worried what could be the cause? Is there some way I can help her?

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