09:49 AM | 04-12-2019

How can i reduce my sleep time from 8 hrs to 5 hrs??

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6 Answers

06:39 PM | 18-12-2019

Hello Namaste Ji 

If you eat the correct foods like

Pumpkin Seeds, Vegan Chocolates

and Blueberries you can raise the levels of serotonin, and these act as an MOOD STABILIZER. 

Not only does it boost your mood, but it also promotes HEALTHY SLEEPING PATTERNS.

Quality sleep is more important. But still, 6 to 7 hours are required.

So if you want to reduce your sleep hours, there are few Steps of Lifestyle, if you can adopt and apply easily.

 Share and Spread Happiness and Sleep at 9:30 pm, if you sleep early, your quality sleep will be covered. 

 Morning and Evening Meditation for 30 Minutes and Be Relaxed. 

 Eat plenty of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables the whole day.

 Take Massage and Steam once a week.

Spend your time with your Family members Happily and with an attitude of caring for each other.

Avoid anger, stress, and tension.

 Avoid Hard work. 

 Avoid late-night dinner.

 Avoid Physical exertion.

 Avoid Junk food and stale food.

Thank you 

05:19 PM | 04-12-2019


As per Nature Cure, proper sleep is an important requirement for good health. There are many important functions that the body undertakes when you are asleep - the most important being growth & repair. This is extremely important for a disease free life. Sleeping just for 5 hours is not in line with Nature Cure, very few exceptions may exist. We suggest you follow these resources to get a better understanding of sleep from nature cure's perspective -

  1. Pls watch this video on how establishing a sleep routine & following a natural lifestyle can help you get good sleep - Transition Your Body Towards Deep Sleep.
  2. You can also read these blogs on Wellcure to help you sleep better - 

06:44 PM | 04-12-2019

A healthy sleep cycle consists of 90 minutes and for healthy sleep, we need to have 5 times that 90 minutes sleep cycle. There are four stages of sleep :

Stage 1: Transitional period between waking up and sleeping.

Stage 2: Body temperature begins to drop down in this stage with our heartbeat lowering. There are sleep waves occurring in the brain where it tries to relax.

Stage 3: Our muscles begin to relax, blood pressure begins to drop. Stage 3 is the time where we get the deepest sleep.

Rapid eye movement: This is the fourth and last stage of sleep, this is the time when we dream and brain starts becoming active.

Hence, our sleep happening is a complete cycle. It is the time where our body comes into homeostasis. To your sleep completed we need at least 7-8 hours of sleep. This will keep our body healthy and disease-free. Time management will help you a lot with getting more sleep.

Thank you

12:40 PM | 05-12-2019

Dear health seeker Honey, needless to mention that sleep is very essential for our wellbeing and overall health, no one can survive sleep deprivation for long periods. Sleep is God-given bliss, now  that you want to curtail the sleep timings for that to achieve you have to be a frugal eater (लघ्वाशी), if you are able to eat much less of quantities of food items then and then only you can cut down the sleep timings, the food thus eaten should be highly positive consisting of  fruits and vegetables raw and conservatively cooked without oil and spices, condiments etc. This  phenomenon is adopted by sages, saints  and other  highly  spiritually inclined souls, This is the way to  achieve your goals, but before embarking upon this idea, please empower yourself by reading a lot of  biographies of  spiritual souls and  carve out a chart for your self,   It is once again reiterated that for a modern man  it is very essential to  have complete rest and  sleep soundly to be healthy  in these turbulent conditions, where one has to face lots of stresses and strains, Secondly why do you want to cut down the timings, if it is for  material gains over and above spiritual attainments, then please  reconsider your  decision to cut down the sleep timings 
   V.S.Pawar     Member Indian institute of natural therapeutics   1980

07:22 PM | 05-12-2019

Yoganidra,  raw living foods, sunlight and mental unburdening of thoughts help with a better quality of sleep and then maybe you will automatically need lesser sleep. But it should not be forced but allowed by the body instinctively. 

07:21 PM | 05-12-2019

To answer to the point, it's practically possible to reduce sleep from 8-5 hrs and still get the same benefits only when you have led a lifestyle that's free of toxins as much as possible. It's not an overnight change. Yes, you can sleep less and still be groggy today. If you are asking this question, it means that you have not led a natural lifestyle and hence you don't know about this benefit. Body repairs and maintains itself, builds muscles, etc only during sleep and deep rest. It does not care if you need those 3 hrs for working more. If the body has to give you back those 3 hrs and still do its job, your body must be spic and span and disease-free. To attain that level of fitness you must adopt a lifestyle that aligns purely to natural living such as

  • Living purely on raw fruits, vegetables, and greens.
  • Exposure to sunlight a few hrs a day.
  • Drinking pure water from natural sources.
  • Focussing a few hrs on yoga and pranayama.
  • Working hard to build muscles and stamina.
  • Grounding with mother earth barefoot.
  • Listening to the body when it's hungry, sleepy or any other call.
  • Emotionally and mentally staying happy all the time.
  • Keeping the spine erect and focussing on proper body movements.
  • When the body falls sick, adopt only natural principles to heal and not suppressing the body.
  • Mindful eating and resting.

If you consistently follow this for a few yrs, you will be able to cleanse your body and also get to a state of higher energy levels that will not need 8 hr sleep time. If you cannot, then I suggest you follow 50% of the above and over time you will still get there in a few yrs. If you cant change your lifestyle but you think 8hrs-5hrs can be done without consequences, then my colleagues here are right, it will only cause more damage to the body.

Hope this clarifies,

Be blessed

Smitha hemadri(Educator of natural healing practices)



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