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05:53 PM | 17-08-2020

I am suffering from premature ovarian failure. I had my kids through IVF through donar eggs. I stopped getting my periods 2 years back. From last month I am having milk discharge from my nipples. There is tingling sensation most of the times in my breast. I got my prolactin tested it was 12 doc. Asked me to do it again. Got it tested again it came 5. 3 and FSH was 176. Doc said I might have to go through MRI to know the reason of discharge. Please help!

07:38 PM | 10-04-2020

I have severe white discharge problem and pain before periods. I also have pcod and a bulge in lumbar disc, because of this there is a lot of pain in my legs and muscles. Please help. I consulted a gynaecologist and an orthopedician but there is no improvement.

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