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03:37 PM | 03-03-2022

I tried water fasting a few times. The maximum hours I can sustain is 24. After 24hrs I started having severe headache. How can I overcome this and what is cause of the headache?

10:20 PM | 14-09-2021

I'm 70 years old, I have been suffering from headache of front part of head & above right ear. Pls suggest what to do?

01:06 PM | 23-08-2021

I am getting headaches frequently, but in different regions, like right side of the head, once in the left side and other time I feel pain in the eyebrows region. Can you help me understand what causes this and how can it be controlled?

01:09 PM | 23-08-2021

If running nose causes headech how to stop it?

09:05 PM | 11-08-2021

I am 26 years old. Three months ago, I had fever I took general medicine the fever got normal and suddenly I felt headache and back pain. With headache I feel tightness in the whole body and head. I consulted with five doctors and took different medicines for past one and half month but my health issue was the same I took chest x ray, spinal x ray, blood test were normal. Any solution for this?

04:34 PM | 27-05-2021

My husband gets severe headaches which last up to 24 hours. It used to happen on full moon and new moon day. But now it's more often. What could it be due to and anything you can suggest to help?

10:32 AM | 10-12-2020

My sister's age 22, she is suffering from irregular periods, unwanted facial hair, acne, headache. Investigation done, Usg and hormones are normal. What are causes and treatment?

08:53 AM | 21-10-2020

Whenever I suffer from cold, after 3-4 days my head gets heavy and mild pain occurs between 10 am to 7 pm only and cough continuous to come out. What is my problem? Main thing is my head and eyes gets very heavy in afternoon,why is it so,can you help me?

11:09 AM | 24-08-2020

I am 44 Yrs old, many times, at any time I get head ache, always at the back side of the head. I use to have a pill NYCIP pain killer. I am suffering from this kind of head ache since I was 15 Years old. I want the solutions, pls suggest.

05:55 PM | 05-08-2020

I am a housewife with 3 small kids, I have severe headache backside, nausea, Giddiness for past 1 week, bp checked 144/96. Want to weight loss. Having cervical disc degeneration. My wt 85, my age 28 yrs. Having fear and anxiety,palpitations sometimes. Pricking sensation in palms and feet past 2 days. I am worried,please help me to overcome all this naturally.

05:24 PM | 18-05-2020

I feel pain in lower (right side) back, a problem similar to sinusitis on left ear-side and left side of the head. It happens frequently. Please help me to get back to normal life. I really beg for normal life which I had a year ago.

10:54 AM | 09-04-2020

Hi! I m 27 yrs old female. I m experiencing gas problem, because of which I'm having severe headache from past 4 days. Last night I had severe headache and gas was coming out of my mouth. The next day morning I got a blood clot in my eye. Plz suggest any remedy for it, as we are facing lock down all over!

01:16 PM | 03-04-2020

Hi! I am having GERD problem from past 2 yrs. I am also having cough, headaches and so many problems. I really want to get rid of this. Plz suggest.

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