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10:50 AM | 25-08-2020

My friend needs help she has followings problems. Her age is 30 years. Migraine, Joint Pains (Can’t walk for routine work), Sore Throat (citrus items don’t suit at all), Skin allergy, Herpes (Can’t take nuts ,seeds ,mango or even ginger or turmeric tea), Gastric Issues (Gaps in meals always cause gas and too much burps even after taking homemade light meal), Cervical Spondylitis (cant wear sweater in winters), Anal fissure (Doctor suggested surgery), Dryness in skin.

03:00 PM | 11-02-2021

I am experiencing blood in my stool. I had been treated for anal fissure few years back. According to me, I m eating healthy but that's not helping me. Can u help me what all should be included in my diet and what not

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