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06:37 PM | 23-04-2024

Medicine for knee pain?

02:36 PM | 22-09-2021

My mother has been suffering with left knee joint pain problem. She has been morbidy obesity and also has thyroid problem, high blood pressure, sugar complaint also. She consulted many allopathic doctors but all are given pain killers, multivitamins, etc all makes her so weakness. How can cure this problem of my mother with wellcure

04:37 PM | 02-08-2021

I am suffering from both knee joints pain for a long time, I can't walk fast due to unusual pain both knee joints, please advise me best remidies.

01:29 PM | 04-06-2021

My grandfather is his 80s and he has pain in his knees and ankles. Can you please tell me oil or something like that which gives relief to him?

09:40 AM | 30-11-2020

I'm suffering from knee pain. Can you suggest me some remedy?

05:06 PM | 11-08-2020

Hello, I am single mother of 10 months old baby. I have pain in my knee and feel very weak while walking. After c section my body become weak. What should i do?? Please suggest

10:54 AM | 15-07-2020

Hi! I Am 35 yrs old woman. I have been suffering from knee pain from last 7 yrs. It does not get better with alopathy medicine. However, I got relief with acupressure therapy for one month but again it reoccurs. Swelling ,leg pain, stiffness, inability to fold the knees and stammer sound from knees are the symptoms. Plz guide me with you good suggestions and treatment. Thanks a lot!

09:44 AM | 15-04-2020

How can I cure my knee pain naturally without medicines? Even though I am following natural food habits now a days lots of knee pain.

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