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02:10 PM | 27-11-2021

Hi Everyone, I am 7 months pregnant, and I have a 2 and a half year old child as well. I have induced daibetes last month. Doctors have prescribed Insulin. Please give me suggestions so that I can reduce my glucose level to normal. Also, I am getting too much stressed and frustrated, unable handle my thoughts and emotions. Can you help me with valuable suggestions?

01:15 PM | 04-03-2021

Hello Sir/Ma’am, I am 23 years old guy. I have been suffering from social anxiety for quite a long time now. I feel that the sole reason behind this is my skin colour which is dark & it causes me lot of hesitation and consciousness to face and talk to people. The main thing which I also wanted to share is that when I in my childhood I had fair skin & with time I turned darker. Is there any natural proven remedy to help for the same or shall I try for laser treatment?

05:43 PM | 18-10-2021

Hi! How can I control my high BP naturall? Secondly how can I control my anxiety?

06:46 PM | 30-10-2021

I am 29 years old male. I had panic attacks for 6 months and was under psychiatric medication. Now I am only on propranolol beta blocker 10mg. I experience bloating/acidity everyday which triggers my heart rate and inturn increase health anxiety and i get relief only after gas goes completely. Please suggest diet considering I have kidneystone/sinusitis. Some days I also get insomnia due to bloating on upper abdomen. Heart pounding is the main symptom which increases my anxiety. Please Help.

05:09 PM | 13-09-2021

My husband had gall bladder operation done. He feels pain in lower right abdomen. He also gets anxiety sometimes. Pls suggest what to do?

10:28 AM | 19-07-2021

Hello i'm suffering from severe fear which is causing me anxiety, i'm on a medication of estomine ls but its not helping i always feel like i'll get a heart attack or cardiac arrest (all my heart report are normal) and ill die or sudden pressures situation will cause ha. Feeling of breathless my stomach is also not functioning well due to this,i want to quit medication and try healing natural

05:10 PM | 03-06-2021

Hello, I m 32 year old. I have anxiety issues. I suffered from covid 2 mnths back, now I'm ok but still somewhere I have fear about it, about my kid and that makes me crazy. I didnt want any medicine for anxiety and depression, so i started moring walk yoga and exercise. But I have muscular pain after exercise what to do, I have suffered from sever gastritis, now I m not taking any medicine for any thing and I dont even want to take any medicine, need some tips for it.

04:32 PM | 27-05-2021

I want to know is there any course in which can teach you how to deal depression and anxiety naturally? Vaishali 9324648225

01:51 PM | 19-04-2021

I am anxiety patient and taking treatment from phychiatrist. I take duzella ,etilaam,betacap ,veniz. I do yoga, I had stomach issues like constipation. In MRI doctor said due to pressure exerted their is descent in rectum and said do kegel exercise. Suffering from shortness of breadth though my oxygen level is normal and no wheezing, is it hyperventilation, and with it fear comes. Got MRI of chest and PFT test done in Januar, its normal. Pls suggest.

01:33 PM | 04-05-2021

I just suffer from negative and unwanted thoughts? I recently started yoga and Pranayama. Can it be helpful. Because I don't want to have anti anxiety medicines??

10:25 AM | 05-04-2021

Hello. I think I am having an anxiety disorder. Whenever I get angry or stressed or frightened my body starts trembling and then after few mins it be normal. It only happens whenever I be frightened or frustrated or stressed. N I have a habbit of overthinking and about my future also. What should I do to overcome it? Pls help, any natural cure?

12:55 PM | 07-12-2020

Hi! I'm 25yrs old. My problem is anxiety, because of studies. Thus I am not able to concentrate. Pls help

10:44 AM | 23-11-2020

How can one heal oneself of anxiety disorder?

10:48 AM | 23-11-2020

I'm dealing with trauma/death anxiety/ and severe stress after sudden passing of my dad. I just can't do normal things always thoughts of death and heart attack I don't know whether I should post it here or not but I need help. Please help me!

10:55 AM | 16-11-2020

I'm suffering from Cardio phobia, due to which I have death anxiety. My heart reports are normal, Dr said I have tachycardia due to anxiety and stress. But still I have chest tightness (due to acidity Dr said) , high pulse rate, headache and dizziness. Due to anxiety I'm also facing digestive issues and mental health is declining. I always feel like this is my last breath. How do I recover from this?

09:00 AM | 09-11-2020

My son, aged 31 years has anxiety, depression and sleep disorder. He doesn't listen to any body on his health condition. Pls suggest what to do?

01:13 PM | 02-11-2020

Hi! I'm 27 years old I'm suffering from feeling dizzy everyday, anxiety and fear. How to overcome this?

08:48 AM | 05-10-2020

I have a problem of overthinking whenever I get stressed, tensed or anxious, afraid I feel feverish and my head starts paining for few mins. As soon as I get back to normal there is no headache or fever. What should I do? It bothers me a lot and due to which I am unable to work.

10:25 AM | 28-08-2020

Hi, I'm 30 years old and since I'm 25, whenever i swallow or yawn I hear crackling noises in my ears which is constant and makes me feel disturbed. My vit b 12 is low since 5 years and vit d too. I have started a few supplements for same and I am told that it could be anxiety. I dont feel fresh for the whole day at a stretch. All my personal and professional matters have been affected. I constantly panic all the time or feel uncomfortable while even speaking to someone. What should I do?

11:13 AM | 17-08-2020

Do we have any remedies for not getting sleep because of depression n anxiety?

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