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01:45 PM | 22-06-2021

I have excessive belching, constipation and burning pain in stomach since two month. I am taking medicines but not effective. How can i get rid of this problem?

04:34 PM | 07-06-2021

Hi! My husband is geting trouble due to gas and having burning sensation in stomach. When he wakes up he also has burning sensation. Plz suggest.

03:45 PM | 01-04-2021

Hello! I am 50 years old. Since few years I am having chronic burning and inflammation in my stomach and above it. Have tried all remedies but cannot eradicate it from root. Pls help

10:21 AM | 21-09-2020

Hi! Am feel burning sensation in my feet. I am taking vit B tablets for that. What natural remedies do you suggest?

01:02 PM | 24-06-2020

I am 55 yrs old male suffering from burning and heat sensation in body specially in my hand and leg, Please help.

01:05 PM | 28-12-2018

Due to eating chillies stomach is burning n feeling nauseating. Pl adv what to do.

11:14 AM | 14-09-2019

I have a problem of burning sensation in sole of my feet particularly at night. What can the natural remedy for this problem?

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