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12:55 PM | 10-04-2024

Hello! My daughter of 21 months and the family follows whole food plant based diet except for few cheat meals. She has been recently been detected with hypothyroidism. I am suffering from hypothyroidism since 8 years and I am taking medication. My entire pregnancy and few years before that was totally wfpb. What can I do to reverse her condition? I have not yet started her medication. I will be forever grateful for any guidance which helps my daughter. Thank you so much all of you!

09:06 PM | 31-07-2021

What is the diet chart and exercise routine for hypothyroid and pcod?

03:31 PM | 10-05-2021

I am boy, age 22 years. I am studying. I have hypothyroidism. I feel very tired, weak, memory loss, reduced concentration in studies, mood off. Is there a way of recovery from all my problems. How can I improve myself?

02:52 PM | 06-04-2021

Hi i have hypothyroidism, I take pill 125 mg and my thyroid is normal. I have infertility problem, my 2 Ivfs failed. I m very tried. Pls suggest.

06:41 PM | 20-08-2020

Hi i am having hypothyroid nd taking 200mg thyronorm daily. But still I am Gaining weight and mood swings and all the other syptoms. Please guide me for weight loss and which foods I have to take more.

01:18 PM | 27-04-2020

I am 53. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2011 for which I am taking 25 mcg. Presently,I suffer also from Constipation, forgetfulness,almost no urge of hunger & thirst, shortness of breath,drowsiness, gradually decreasing eye-vision,(recently diagnosed with black cataract and glaucoma),thinness of hair,and issues associated with Hypothyroidism having a bearing on family-life (low-libido,etc) Pl. Suggest remedial method to reverse my condition to normal through natural hygiene/Naturopathy.

11:28 AM | 08-04-2020

I am 47 yrs old, suffering from high BP and hypothyroid problems. Please solve!

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