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11:16 AM | 17-08-2020

I m suffering from asthma from last three years. Please suggest some home remedies to get rid from this.

01:26 PM | 06-04-2020

Hi! I m 27 yr old suffering from allergic asthma. Natural remedy plz!

12:28 PM | 27-07-2020

I am 27 years, am suffering asthma past one-year it is terrible. I am facing lot of health issues, don't know how to cure my problem. Plz suggest me food diet and daily activities.

03:35 PM | 18-04-2020

I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma. I have UTI and a 4. 5 mm kidney stone which results in vomiting and gastroenteritis. Recently, I took 10 antibiotic injections i. V. As i wasn't able to digest anything. I'm prohibited to take sour n cold food. Please suggest the food I can eat.

12:35 PM | 28-12-2018

Hi. My friend's son is 6 years old. He has developed asthmatic symptoms like rapid breathing , fever etc. This happens every 3-4 months, then they have to give him puffs. Plz suggest some solution that cd cure him.

06:20 PM | 28-08-2018

Hi. I have asthama problem. Can it get cured through natural means? What should i do?

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