06:20 PM | 28-08-2018

Hi. I have asthama problem. Can it get cured through natural means? What should i do?

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5 Answers

10:42 AM | 20-11-2018

Pls do read health journeys of Nandini Gulati and Kavita Bahl on our website where they have documented their wellness journey of making lifestyle changes, and addressing Asthma issues through it.

10:40 AM | 20-11-2018

Eliminating dairy, non veg and grains or reducing it to very low levels for some time could help you.  In long run, our body functions best when we give it inputs which helps to maintain its acid-alkaline balance ie raw foods including fruits, nuts, sprouts, seeds, vegetables. These should form larger proportion of our food intake.

Animal products add a lot of digestive load, which then body has to work to clean up.  So you need to relook at how to keep this to minimal.

10:38 AM | 20-11-2018

Body constantly strives to maintain our inner balance and works to throw toxins out.  These toxins get accumulated through various means, such as processed foods, intake of low raw and fresh foods, lack of exercise, breathing, sunlight, anxiety, wrong food combination, lack of proper rest and sleep etc. The external factors such as pollution, chemicals in food etc also add to this load.

When body is unable to do this toxin elimination and balance creation on a regular basis, it adopts various mechanisms such as fevers, loose motions, cough, cold. From that perspective, asthama is also body’s way of eliminating the excess toxin build up.  So its best to support your body in this action.

You could give a good look at your inputs to your body to assess where the changes need to be made.  Move to more raw foods in your food intake. Cut out processed, refined foods such as oil, sugar and salt, sauces, cheese etc completely from your food chain.

Are you taking enough air, and sunlight?  Moving to natural living lifestyle will indeed help you to address asthama.

03:00 PM | 03-09-2018

Under nature cure, every ailment is an attempt of body to keep a balance and work towards your health.  This means any ailment is actually only a mechanism to heal you naturally. There are 5 input elements in natural healing which are air, sunlight, food, thoughts, activity and rest.  When you focus on aligning this as per body’s need, you can have magic in how body responds. So do up your sun exposure and breathing. Do an activity which engages you to nature directly.  Yoga, deep breathing, meditation, early morning sun bathing all these should help immensely.

02:57 PM | 03-09-2018

Hi… to deal with any ailment, it’s important to re-align all aspects and tune them more to nature.  An important element, that often gets missed out, but which could act as a a major starting point is our rest and sleep.  Our body functions, repairs and cleans up the best in state of rest. When we are anxious and not sleeping enough, body cannot find the time to do the clean up.  So do relook at how much you are sleeping, is the quality of your sleep deep, are you resting or taking breaks during the day also or are you always on a go-mode

Wind down in evenings, do aroma baths, do yoga nidra meditation and deep breathing before you sleep.  The lifestyle changes will demand that you slow down, because only then will you get the clarity and ability to identify the changes to be made which will reap you long term benefits.

Natural healing is possible, you need to take baby steps, very assured actions towards it.

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