12:35 PM | 28-12-2018

Hi. My friend's son is 6 years old. He has developed asthmatic symptoms like rapid breathing , fever etc. This happens every 3-4 months, then they have to give him puffs. Plz suggest some solution that cd cure him.

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3 Answers

05:38 PM | 27-12-2018

Hi. Asthma, or for that matter any illness or disease, is body’s way of signaling & removing toxic build up in the body. Don’t be scared that its asthma & you can do nothing about it. Human body has a wonderful self-healing mechanism, you just have to support the body through right inputs. Tell your friend to increase the fruit intake of her son. He should also have more raw veggies in the form of salads & juices. With kids it often becomes difficult to make changes in food, but start with making small changes. At least for a while, stop intake of dairy, non-veg and grains. These are all acidic foods & come in the way of body’s healing. Also, stop packaged foods for the same reason.

05:37 PM | 27-12-2018

Doing few diet changes may help in relieving asthmatic condition. Eliminate dairy and wheat from his diet, increase intake of fruits and raw vegetables. Try this on a regular basis and see.

05:37 PM | 27-12-2018

Mix two spoon honey, one spoon ginger juice and half teaspoon black pepper powder, let him lick this whole day. Avoid refined oil, sugar and dairy products.

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