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11:53 AM | 24-08-2020

Hello Doctor! I am from Bangalore. My age is 30 years & I am suffering from PCOD and thyroid. I am taking ayurvedic medication for both. But still I am not getting my periods until I take hormonal tablets. Please suggest the diet plan and exercise that has to be followed. I am taking Noni musli tonic for PCOD as well in addition to doctor's medication. And I am doing Surya namaskar early in the morning. From past 5 years I have this issue. Please suggest.

12:00 PM | 18-08-2020

I am 21 year old I am having pcod and I have become thin, is this because of pcod, how to gain weight and what should I do?

11:07 AM | 28-07-2020

Hi i am 29 yrs old, I have PCOD since past 2 year. Could you please suggest to prevent/Cure within a month as I took several treatments(Medicines) did get a proper results. Can anyone help over here?

11:15 AM | 06-07-2020

How to reduce pcos (water bubbles)???

12:07 PM | 29-06-2020

Hello all, I am 29 year old,had been diagnosed with PCOD and trying to conceive from past 3 years. Recently my doctor told me that the egg quality of mine is not good. I am already maintaining a healthy lifestyle with yoga. Any suggestions for some natural way to improve egg quality or some diet plan that can help me out????

10:48 AM | 13-04-2020

I was having right ovarian cyst but it gets resolved in one cycle. But now I m having infection at the opening of the uterus and it is inflamed and my right pelvis pains a lot. So what should I do for that?

10:46 AM | 07-04-2020

Hello sir! I have pcod and skin problem - acanthios nigricans. I am gaining a lot of weight. Please help.

12:01 PM | 06-02-2020

I have been diagnosed with pcos... And have irregular periods. How can I over come it? I also heard that it can cause diabetes. Can you pls help me over come it?

01:25 PM | 25-01-2019

Hi, am very new to this platform. Could anyone please suggest what should I do to treat polycystic ovaries. Thank you

07:07 PM | 08-08-2019

Hi , Please suggest me as I have been detected recently with PCOD. How to reduce PCOD and weight as I have increased 10 kgs of weight in most few months despite of going for gym and yoga from 5 months?

02:27 PM | 10-10-2019

Hello mam I am suffering from pcod from past 3 years. And also I have thyroid now from past 7 months. I get periods only if I take hormonal tablets. At present I am taking ayurvedic tablets and still it is not working. Pcod is my nightmare. Can you please suggest me regarding my health issue?

09:25 AM | 03-07-2019

What is the permanent solution for PCOD naturally?

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