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07:07 PM | 08-08-2019

Hi , Please suggest me as I have been detected recently with PCOD. How to reduce PCOD and weight as I have increased 10 kgs of weight in most few months despite of going for gym and yoga from 5 months?

09:06 PM | 31-07-2021

What is the diet chart and exercise routine for hypothyroid and pcod?

12:50 PM | 07-05-2021

Hey All, I hope everyone have a good day. I am suffering from PCOD from atleast 6 years and I have visited many hospitals ,took multiple medicines but there was no solution. If I don't take medicine then I don't get my periods. I donno what to do ,I eat only homemade food. I have a lot of hairfall which is making me stressful. Could you help me out to find a way to recover myself from PCOD and hairfall.

12:43 PM | 23-04-2021

Having 6 mm gall stone, kidney infection and also pcod. Plz suggest any natural way.... Naturopathy Or yoga?

12:00 PM | 18-08-2020

I am 21 year old I am having pcod and I have become thin, is this because of pcod, how to gain weight and what should I do?

10:52 AM | 02-12-2020

Hey! I have pcod and irregular period, from last 3 years. Plz suggest which oil is best for cooking Indian recipes? Coconut oil? Olive oil? Sesame oil? I have heard that these oils are healthy but on heating on a very high temperature they become toxic plz suggest which oil should I use for Indian recipes? Also its very hard for me to loose weight after walking and workouts also + skin problems (facial hair,acne,oily skin,dark spots,pigmentation) hair issue (hairfall). Pls guide

10:46 AM | 02-12-2020

Hello! My friend is suffering from pcod problem. Can you plz tell me some natural healing process?

12:07 PM | 29-06-2020

Hello all, I am 29 year old,had been diagnosed with PCOD and trying to conceive from past 3 years. Recently my doctor told me that the egg quality of mine is not good. I am already maintaining a healthy lifestyle with yoga. Any suggestions for some natural way to improve egg quality or some diet plan that can help me out????

10:05 AM | 11-11-2020

Hi, are there any natural remedies to cure ovarian cyst because of which the flow is completely low with only spoting. What would be the consequences if not treated. Suggest a good alternative treatment.

10:45 AM | 12-11-2020

Is it possible to shrink solid ovarian cyst size in natural way? And which foods will do harm for ovarian cyst problem.

11:53 AM | 24-08-2020

Hello Doctor! I am from Bangalore. My age is 30 years & I am suffering from PCOD and thyroid. I am taking ayurvedic medication for both. But still I am not getting my periods until I take hormonal tablets. Please suggest the diet plan and exercise that has to be followed. I am taking Noni musli tonic for PCOD as well in addition to doctor's medication. And I am doing Surya namaskar early in the morning. From past 5 years I have this issue. Please suggest.

01:05 PM | 02-11-2020

I am suffering from 6 cms cyst in my ovary, so is it dangerous what should I do for it?

01:14 PM | 02-11-2020

Is pcod and ovarian cysts same? Please suggest remedies for ovarian epithelial neoplasm favours borderline

11:07 AM | 28-07-2020

Hi i am 29 yrs old, I have PCOD since past 2 year. Could you please suggest to prevent/Cure within a month as I took several treatments(Medicines) did get a proper results. Can anyone help over here?

11:15 AM | 06-07-2020

How to reduce pcos (water bubbles)???

10:48 AM | 13-04-2020

I was having right ovarian cyst but it gets resolved in one cycle. But now I m having infection at the opening of the uterus and it is inflamed and my right pelvis pains a lot. So what should I do for that?

10:46 AM | 07-04-2020

Hello sir! I have pcod and skin problem - acanthios nigricans. I am gaining a lot of weight. Please help.

12:01 PM | 06-02-2020

I have been diagnosed with pcos... And have irregular periods. How can I over come it? I also heard that it can cause diabetes. Can you pls help me over come it?

01:25 PM | 25-01-2019

Hi, am very new to this platform. Could anyone please suggest what should I do to treat polycystic ovaries. Thank you

02:27 PM | 10-10-2019

Hello mam I am suffering from pcod from past 3 years. And also I have thyroid now from past 7 months. I get periods only if I take hormonal tablets. At present I am taking ayurvedic tablets and still it is not working. Pcod is my nightmare. Can you please suggest me regarding my health issue?

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