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10:25 AM | 14-09-2020

I have pain under the heel of my left foot and this increases when I walk. Please tell me what to do.

08:19 AM | 18-09-2020

Hi! I am having pain in my right toe nail I am getting this problem frequently. Pls suggest what to do?

11:54 AM | 12-05-2020

I have severe ring finger pain and also elbow pain. Pls suggest us home remedies for relief...

11:26 AM | 08-04-2020

I am having burning and pain in both the feet, since a long time. The problem is less when I am moving and more when I lay still. The MRI of lumbar region is normal and uric acid is 7. 2. Whenever I do any hard work or start any new exercise or play cricket the problem worsens. Please help!

09:55 AM | 03-10-2019

I travel once a month for a week , I face leg pain during travelling.... What shoud be my precautions?

09:05 AM | 01-05-2019

My left foot toe is paining since yesterday evening and there is a slight swelling also. Can't even walk properly. Am wondering how to avoid going to a doctor?

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