06:20 PM | 28-08-2018

Why do i feel bloated after eating salad and veg juice?

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11:01 PM | 13-12-2018

Bloating is sign that shows that body is not liking something. All these symptoms are there to take some action. Action to new health. Just monitor if you get it every time. I get bloating when i eat cauliflower in raw or cooked food. J have stopped eating same and i feel alright. 

10:33 AM | 20-11-2018

When we change our diet profile, many times our bodies take time to adjust to the new change.  If you are ramping up from having very little vegetables, to increasing your vegetables intake drastically; and that too in form of vegetable juices. You are more than likely to have gassy, bloated feeling while having juices or salads.

Remember that doesn’t make the juices or salads bad, you just need to fine tune step by step till you enjoy both the taste and process of consuming more vegetables.

Regarding juices, make sure you are not having it first thing in morning.  Ideally noon or afternoon about 2 hours after meals is a good time to have your veg juices.

Ensure you are not adding any fruits to your juices or salads.

Do not add very de-toxifying vegetables such as beetroot or wheat grass to your juices in large quantities.

10:32 AM | 20-11-2018

For salads do look at what you are adding, here again go simple and go mono – then progress to more varied ones.  Incorporate sprouts or nuts, step by step.

You could also dilute your juices, till you feel more settled with and then add more bulk and fiber to it (by straining less).

Ensure you are keeping your veggies soaked in water well before the juicing process; clean them up well.

10:32 AM | 20-11-2018

Relook at your veg juice combinations. Cabbage, Pak Choy, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli, or Beetroots in excess may cause gas or high detoxification.

Defintely do not juice onions, and garlic.

Keep your juices simple to begin with, go for single veggie combos such as tomato & celery or cucumber and celery with pudina– your taste buds and your tummy will take time to adjust to the new intake.

01:52 PM | 16-11-2018

Here are some articles to help you know more about juicing, feeling gassy, and how to move more comfortably to the process of consuming juices



Also check if you gave enough time since your previous meal before you had the salad or juice. Usually a 3 hour gap should be given after a cooked meal before anything else can be taken.

Make sure that you have also given a 14 hour gap atleast between previous night's dinner and the next intake of food.

01:58 PM | 03-09-2018

The tummy bloats after veg juice because you may be heated internally. Do cold towels before having veg juice and slowly sip the veg juice. Cool down before you have your veg juice and sip it slowly so that saliva gets in it well.

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