03:50 PM | 09-01-2019

Is there a way to deal with accumulated gas on a particular side of abdomen leading to acute pain and discomfort?

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10:53 AM | 09-01-2019

Roast little bit of ajwain on a tawaa & have it with a glass of water. You may add little rock salt in ajwain for taste. Walk briskly for 15-20 minutes or try the yoga pose - pawan muktasana, its called the gas releasing pose, google it.

10:53 AM | 09-01-2019

You could also look at food combinations, are you eating the right foods at the right time.  Fruits should be large proportion of your daily meals but should be eaten alone, never with or after meals. Atleast 2 hour gap.  Similarly, you could look at lowering your grains intake during meal times and instead add raw vegetables as salads or juices taken before meals (Salads can be mixed with meal). Contrary to what is commonly believed, raw vegetables will add the necessary enzymes to aid digestion of cooked foods thus reducing bloating and acidity.

10:53 AM | 09-01-2019

Gas, bloating, indigestion all are indicators of body to signal that the digestion load is high. Which means you need to relook at the foods you are eating. Give a break to heavy digesting foods such as dairy, grains and non veg for some time. Increase ample servings of fruits both in morning and evening. Esp local, seasonal fruits. Don’t’s mix these with meals.

Focus on removing processed foods such as bread, white sugar, refined oils, and table salt completely from your and family’s meal. Switch to better alternatives such as jaggery, sendha namak.  Cook your food in minimal or no oil at all.

10:52 AM | 09-01-2019

Sit on a chair with spine straight, legs firmly touching the ground, place left palm over left knee. With right-hand clap on the backhand of left hand placed on left knee for 10 minutes. Do same for the right hand, place your right palm on right knee and clap the backhand of right with the left hand for 10 minutes.

10:30 AM | 10-01-2019

Yes Asha .. I have heard it helps. 

07:31 PM | 09-01-2019

Check for kidney stones or gall stones. Even if that’s the case, go on a juice diet for 3 days. The stones will dissolve by themselves. Apart from that, others have answered for other possible reasons. 

09:58 PM | 09-01-2019

Just 3 days of juice is enough to dissolve stones?


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