12:50 PM | 09-01-2019

Hi everyone. My sister has recently been diagnosed with a stones in her gall bladder. She's been almost bed ridden with severe backache ever since, for more than 10 days now and has been told that it's coz of the stone. Pls advise for natural healing or Dos and Don'ts?

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11:10 AM | 09-01-2019

You can try natural remedies whenever pain comes. Whenever ever pain comes just put a wet cloth on her abdomen part where she gets pain for 20 mnts. Then alternate and place a hot pack / towel for 10 minutes.  Also u can apply castor oil. Avoid oily foods which is the most important reason to trigger pain. I made life style changes n am still going on by god's grace without out surgery. Adding raw n cooked raddish to the diet helps a lot..

11:08 AM | 09-01-2019

Our body has a very well working healing & repair mechanism, all it needs is the right material and inputs to functions well.

Here is a quick snapshot of the liver, gall bladder and bile and why removing gall bladder all together may not be the best solution.

Liver, and Gall bladder both are important organs that support our digestion process.  One of the functions that liver does is produce bile, and Gall bladder stores this bile.  Bile helps the body break down and digest fats. Gall bladder releases this bile into the small intestine whenever there is a need.

Gall stones are calcified deposits in the Gall bladder and may interfere with the fat digestion process.

This calcification occurs in the first place, due to high degree of toxins in the body.  When we eat a lot of processed refined packaged foods, refined oil, maida, heavy clogging foods such as milk, non veg plus our consumption of fruits and vegetables and raw foods is on lower side, our bodies accumulates these toxins

Removing the gall bladder all together means, we have interfered with the natural functioning of the body.  The body copes, and liver still produces bile, but this is directly transferred to the small intestine. Many people experience diarrhea and increased bowel movements after removal of gall bladder especially if they eat fatty foods.

A better way to overcome any illness is to make the necessary food & natural lifestyle changes which address the root cause.

Ensure, you eliminate milk and non veg from your meals (if not forever,  atleast till the stones are removed). Increase your intake of raw foods drastically, this would mean a high intake of seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables.  Consumes vegetables as raw salads, or steamed or juices.

Reduce and eliminate refined oil completely.  Instead go for natural wholesome options such as nuts and seeds.  Adopt oil free cooking.

Allow the magic of body to unravel!

11:09 AM | 09-01-2019

Avoid foods like leafy vegetables. Increase intake of Alkaline foods. For some time go on Fluid based diet.Go on juice diet of fruits and vegetables and be on raw for 90 days. Take Moong dal soup.

11:07 AM | 09-01-2019

Increase intake of veg juice take almost 4 glasses, Avoid cooked meal as much as possible.  You could take lemon water concoction, half a lemon juice with equal amount of water. Take two beetel leaves ( paan ka patta ) give one boil and let it cool down without straining ( bina chaane huye) keep sipping it as much you can atmost take 2 cups of this water in a day, Follow this schedule minimum if three days for stone to melt away and get released from body.

11:06 AM | 09-01-2019

Under nature cure one can reverse any illness, they key would be to take steps to get back in sync with nature esp with regards to food.

The aim for now should be to make immediate changes, and avoid operation and thus its best this is done under the guidance of a professional natural health practitioner.  Removing stones or removing Gall bladder may provide ‘symptomatic relief’. Diet changes can lead to more long term health.

I am sharing a few links of Naturopath Acharya Mohan Gupta.  He is a prominent naturopath based out of Delhi, Rohini



His video explains the working of Gall bladder and some remedies for pain management.  But he also stresses that the long term solution is an overhaul of food and lifestyle.

11:05 AM | 09-01-2019

Hi. As a concept, this is how you should view the stones:

Any action of the body, which we term as ‘disease’ is actually body’s way of restoring balance and eliminating toxins. Our body has an acidic-alkaline balance termed pH. And this balance leans towards alkaline side.

Body has an inbuilt mechanism to keep this balance and is constantly at work.  But due to many reasons, such as processed foods, lack of sleep & rest, lack of air & sunlight, intake of acidic residue foods such as milk, non-veg and external factors such as stress and emotions, the acidic levels keeps increasing.

When the body is unable to eliminate its high acidic levels through regular routes, it starts storing these toxins in body (away from where it will interfere in the body’s functioning).

So in that sense, when you take actions to help the body restore this balance towards higher alkaline state, you can reverse the illness / symptoms.

This action to support the body is usually done through the following:

  • Higher consumption of raw & plant based foods (fruits, veggies, raw salads, juices etc.)

  • Eating in the right combination, at right time (as per body’s natural cycle)

  • Eliminating high acid residue foods such as such as milk, wheat, non-veg, refined foods (maida, white sugar, refined oil etc.) as they create a load on the body.

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