11:20 AM | 12-03-2019

Dear all! I am a resident of Delhi. Now that summers are approaching and considering the Delhi heat, I am dreading my kids asking for cold-drinks and packaged juices as soon as they are back from school. I really don’t want them to consume these. What are some other interesting options to offer, especially for kids?

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4 Answers

02:31 PM | 12-03-2019

Hi. Don't worry, there are many options for your kids.

1. Nimboo paani- Make it with jaggery, roasted zeera powder & mint leaves.

2. Mango smoothie - Make it minus the milk or sugar. Buy nicely ripe sweet mangoes & churn their pulp in a mixie. You can also add some banana to this.

3. Aam panna- You can see the recipe here - https://www.wellcure.com/recipes/51/aam-panna-raw-mango-drink-drink-it-sugar-free

4. Bael sharbat - You can see recipe here - https://www.wellcure.com/recipes/49/sugarfree-bel-juice

5. Watermelon juice - minus the sugar. Simply churn watermelon in your mixie & sieve.

6. Coconut water

7. Kokum sharbat - I recently had a friend's potluck. It was super yummy.

8. Sugarcane juice

Some of these you can make and keep in the fridge for a few days. In my house, one of aam panna or bael juice is always there. Else we make nimboo paani. Fruit juices or smoothies are mostly restricted to breakfast time. My 3-year-old loves all these drinks. We mostly don't keep packaged drinks at home, so that option is rarely there for him.

09:45 AM | 13-03-2019

Heat is felt from inside although it comes from outside. If we eat processed food we increase acidic levels in our body ( please read https://www.wellcure.com/body-wisdom/1/do-you-know-about-the-body-s-acid-alkaline-balance )

This effects our body ability to maintain the right temperature plus to digest processed foods body requires alkaline foods which it expresses through thirst.

We misinterpret this as the need for a cold drink.

The best option is fruits with high water content like melons and papaya. Coconut water is a very good and palatable option for kids.

Then comes nimbu pani, rose drink ( natural rose water, cool water, raw sugar, lemon drops), aam panna ( steam raw mango, mix jaggery, pink salt, jeera powder)

09:39 AM | 13-03-2019

Hi! Just like you, I have also been trying to avoid packaged juices and cold drinks for my kids. Few options that work well for us:

  • Coconut water
  • Lemonade (sometimes I add crushed mint, ginger and ice to it for variation)
  • Anar ka juice
  • Cucumber tomato juice
  • Lassi / chach made from peanut curd

Also, during summers in the regular drinking water, I add mint / tulsi leaves. This gives a lovely flavour to water and is refreshing as well. 

09:22 PM | 12-03-2019

Juicy fruits and raw foods are the answer. Raw foods keep your hydrated making one reach out less for artificial drinks. In case drinks are needed, choose coconut water, diluted fruit juices, nut milks etc, Lot of recipes are available on wellcure.com

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