10:15 AM | 10-05-2019

In a party , what you should choose , salads or cooked food?

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5 Answers

10:17 AM | 11-01-2019

Hi there, in parties, honestly I do not fret so much.  At the party, I eat whatever is available. What I focus on in is the next  day. I make sure next day is usually a raw day or at max one cooked meal a day.  I sleep a little longer to allow body some recoup time from all that digestion. I am on fruits till noon after a binge night.  Usually will have my juice the next day for sure (even if other wise I am not that regular)

04:13 PM | 24-04-2019

I usually don’t mix my raw and cooked in the same meal.So if you want to be raw, kindly have only salads and fruits and if you want to have cooked, avoid food with dairy, sugar and fried foods. It will definitely lead you with very less options. But that’s what reality is. Very rarely parties offer healthy food. 

10:17 AM | 11-01-2019

Hi there… will share my experience.  Earlier when I started this wellness journey and understood the principles of eating mindfully, I went a bit extra mile.  So at parties, I would snicker at all the food, and judge friends and others (silently ofcourse).

Slowly, and steadily as my understanding of the subject deepened, I realized having fun, breaking the routine is equally important. Life is never binary 0 or 1, so our choices should also reflect this.  It will keep us at ease.

Here is usually what I do:

I eat mostly what is offered; I do not stress to much about right combinations, fretting about lack of raw etc.

If there is a salad option, I ensure I eat that along with other goodies that’s on offer.

I usually will have a lot of lemons with the food.

I don’t usually eat a lot of fruits or fruit juices with the party food meals.

Most times when eating with friends, I do eat non veg, but then I try to make it a non grain meal.  So usually I would eat a lot of snacks (which is what I enjoy in any case). And the main meal is simple no grain meal.

I think most of these are now habitual choices instead of any conflict-indicuing decision making!


10:17 AM | 11-01-2019

I don’t think there is a rule for choosing one over the other. We need to go back to understanding why we eat - reasons are many including nutrition , energy, bonding, taste, fun etc . Each of us is different .  your balance and decide how and what you would like to eat when out . If there is a salad have it with your food . However There is no reason not to enjoy all the different party food , you can remember simple principles like having only one meal grain.

And knowing what to do to balance out is the key! If you binged in a party remember to give rest to digestion next day by eating fruits, veggies, and raw salads.

02:32 PM | 14-01-2019

Delicious salads are available at many parties. Go for that first. If you still want more, try the other stuff at the party.. a bite for the taste.

Just make sure to stay away from dairy and non veg. This take a lot of time and effort by the body to detox from.

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