08:35 AM | 17-05-2019

Recently a friend of mine, who’s a diabetic told me about stevia as an alternate to sugar. What is stevia? Is it safe to use?

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3 Answers

05:33 PM | 17-05-2019

Stevia is a leaf extract from a South American plant with the same name. It comes in powdered form, granules and also as tablets. This is a good healthy substitute for a diabetic person during the initial period when making a lifestyle change. Specially when trying to avoid all forms of refined sugar. This is best to beat sweet cravings and use in drinks in place of refined sugar.

Remember the healthy food by ORS - Original, Regional and Seasonal. Stevia is best if you are in North America and Olive oil if you are in a Mediterranean Country.

04:28 PM | 17-05-2019

Stevia has gained popularity only recently. Many of the lesser used leaves were not popular in the ancient times might have been for a good reason. We won’t know until a few more yrs pass. From my reading about stevia, whether it’s true or no, some reviews suggested that they did have some health issues when they used it on a daily basis. There may be funded research to say its good obviously funded by the companies who are selling the product. Best is to stick to dates / raisin pastes. One can drink a glass of sugarcane juice daily and not be sick. Things like this are time tested. Beyond this it’s just discretion. 

On a side note, diabetes is reversible and they can enjoy plenty of fruits and heal. One does not have to compromise and manage with a mild sweetener like stevia which has a bitter after taste. 

12:58 PM | 13-05-2019

Stevia, as you rightly mentioned is a good substitute for sugar. For one it is natural. Yes, stevia is derived from a plant and is naturally sweet. It has been used as a sweetener and medicinal herb in various cultures around the world for centuries. It has recently gained popularity. While the stevia leaf in a natural sweetener most of the modern form of stevia-based sweeteners are powdered and processed. These are hence not natural. And all processed, unnatural food items happen to be toxic for the body.

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