09:20 AM | 02-05-2019

Can asthma patients consume nuts?

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5 Answers

09:30 AM | 29-03-2019

Key criteria to choose food is FIBRE WATER LIFE. Fibre is there in all nuts. Life is there though less than fruits and veggies. Water is very less. 

This makes nuts concentrated foods and hence we take them in moderation.

So, to improve their digestibility try to have them soaked.

Coconut is the best but as it has more water and life than any other nut. It is least contaminated due to its hard outer shell.

In India it is revered as SUPREME FRUIT ( sriphal) due to these qualities

12:03 AM | 26-03-2019

Yes, they can consume in moderation. A handful in a day. Nuts are natural , what you should stay away from are processed and refined oils.

02:32 PM | 25-03-2019

Hi. I know many people who have cured their asthma naturally & now include nuts in their diet. 

I think it really depends on where you are in your healing phase. Asthma can get triggered due to various reasons - emotional upheaval, dairy, wheat, white sugar, colas, artificial additives in packaged foods, dust, pollen, etc. And in your case maybe it's nuts.

But it's not about eliminating the food that triggers asthma. That will be a short term relief only.

It's about the signal your body is trying to give you. An asthmatic attack is due to toxic accumulation which needs to be cleared up by nourishing your body with the right food, air, thoughts and rest. Once the toxins clear up, the same foods, if natural, will not cause you any discomfort. 

So watch where you are in your healing phase and make mindful choices accordingly. 

02:21 PM | 25-03-2019

Asthma could occur because of an allergic response of the body. This means, a person's body may be allergic to certain food items and if such food is consumed it may induce asthma-like symptoms. Wheat, egg, milk, peanuts, soy are some foods items that are commonly known to trigger asthma in some people. Similarly, it could be nuts for someone else. You need to be cautious and observe how your body responds to nuts or to any food item for that matter.

Asthma is also known to be triggered by additives. Additives are commonly added to increase the shelf life of food items. Hence it is advisable to ensure that the nuts that you are buying are not loaded with additives. It could be the additives causing or increasing the asthama syptoms and not the nuts!

02:18 PM | 25-03-2019

Hi lets first understand what is Asthma. Its the inflammation of the airways and body produces thicker mucus than the normal. Inflammation happens for many reasons, and the main cause is a bad lifestyle. Eating more processed food, and eating at wrong times, non-exercise etc. all these leads to more worsen conditions of Asthma. This also slows down the digestion of the body and creates more toxins. If you are not consuming a natural diet and you are eating more of the cooked food, processed foods then consumption of nuts will not help much and it will not make any harm also as nuts are healthy. If you can reframe your question that why are you asking that nuts can be consumed, what are you feeling after you consume nuts, I can help you with same. I have healed my asthma by natural diet. Maybe you will like to read more about the same on this link. - Triumph over asthma, living a medicine-free life

Take care of you. God bless you. 

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