Triumph Over Asthma - Living A Medicine Free Life!

Swatantra was an asthmatic since childhood. Acidity problems often gave her headaches. Her mother was her inspiration to lose weight and get rid of disease. She always believed in serendipity, she believes Divine put her in contact with people who healed themselves by adopting a natural lifestyle.  She could establish a relationship with her mind, body and soul. She learnt that our body can heal ourselves.  A healthy body is a temple of a beautiful soul. She also learnt to appreciate body’s intelligence and to provide it what it needs. Her digestive issues & asthma were naturally cured. Here is her story.

Swatantra Chhabra Kalra
43 years, Wellness Enthusiast & Creative Designer

Asthma since childhood 

I was suffering from chronic disease of asthma. It was diagnosed at very early stage probably when I was four years old. I could not participate in any athletic events. I would get wheezing and be on bed rest in the winters of Punjab. I was often hospitalised and was on medication constantly. My ailment progressed with my age and twice I was also diagnosed with Pneumonia. Being a very active person at mind, I never liked to be on bed. The taste of medicines was bad and I did not enjoy food. In my twenties when I got married and came to Gurgaon, my asthma continued, especially in the winters of Gurgaon. I was always carrying inhaler, pudin hara and medicines like cetrizine with me. To add more on this, consumption of antibiotics gave me loose motions and I developed acidity and headaches in my thirties. I was overweight and obese. 

Intention to know about healing through food 

Fortunately, I happened to meet some people in Gurgaon in 2014 who healed themselves by raw food. My turning point came in May 2014 when I relocated to Chennai, I became director in a company called World Wellness Organisation. From there my journey to wellness started. I wanted to heal myself and get rid of medicines. I learned that our body can heal us. I believed in same and I threw away my medicines and started learning how I can heal myself. 

Journey to Wellness 

I always thought that medicines can heal me, and I was shocked to know that I was living in a very big superstition. Nature of the nature is to heal, and our body has a great self healing power.

I was mentored by Mr Peter (Chairman and Founder of World Wellness Organisation) and came to know about the “Circadian rhythm”, natural clock of the body which works for 24 hours and controls our body on its functions like sleeping, wake up, eat and rest. It is divided into three parts, from morning 4 am till afternoon 12 noon, body is eliminating. When you wake up in the morning, first thing you do is rush to the washroom to eliminate. During this cycle of 4 am to 12 noon, if you eat fruits, you help your body in elimination of toxins. If we eat grains in breakfast, we put digestive load on our body and with fruits, we help our body in the cleaning process. From 12 noon till 4 pm, body builds and vegetables are natural builders, and from evening 4 pm till 12 midnight, body repairs and heals. It’s recommended to drink nut milk before sleeping as the healthy proteins and amino acids assist our body in the repair function. 

And I came to know that i was also living in this superstition that cough, cold and fever are diseases. I learnt that these are not diseases, these are signs of body to inform us that it is healing itself and we need to give rest and right food to body to help it heal on its own. 

I brought in major changes in my lifestyle, I stopped consuming five things. They were animal milk and milk products, white salt, white sugar, white maida and white rice. I also started listening to the needs of my body, when I wanted to rest, I allowed myself to rest. If because of my busy work schedule, I could not take long rest, I would go to a quiet place, sit for five minutes in silence, feel gratitude and reconnect with Divine. I started consuming only fruits in breakfast followed by a vegetable juice at 11 am. My lunch is salad, initially I consumed salad before cooked food in lunch and now I am consuming 80 to 90% of raw vegetables, nuts and herbs. 

I experienced a significant improvement in my energy. My energy levels were so high that sometimes only on diet of few bananas in a day, I could work nonstop. Now I feel that my asthma was just a dream. I lost 25 kilos from my body and unlearnt so many things at my mind. My soul is so happy today. My lung power has gone up and now I can walk for many kilometres and don't get tired at all. Earlier I needed support of inhaler to travel and now I am proud to say that I am completely medicine free. More than 90% of diseases start with poor digestion. Our body needs 80% alkaline environment for healthy digestion. When we eat fruits and vegetables, they leave an alkaline residue in our body and support to increase alkaline environment in the body. The enzymes from fruits and vegetables increase the body’s digestion power.  When body has to work less on digestion, it can focus on healing and this increases our body’s self healing power. 

Natural Living 

Being on natural living is a long process, but when you are committed, you can achieve the same. Eating natural food and living as per the natural “Circadian rhythm”, is the investment we do to make our body happy and healthy. Now when any member of our family has cough, cold or fever, we don't take any medicines. We take medicine of rest and allow our body to heal us by consuming raw food. We take care of ourselves by consuming natural herbs like mulethi powder, ginger powder etc, Moving to natural foods has become our way of life now. 

Living with the intention of Love, Joy and Wellness 

After living 39 years with asthma, I feel gratitude to the Divine to make me realise that our body can heal itself. When I believed in this thought, I threw my medicines in the dustbin and I am very happy to share that they have not come back in my life. We are a wellness family and we don't consume any type of medicine. We live with the intention of love, joy and wellness. We are blessed to shoot our consciousness from fear to faith, from cure to care and from living to loving. 

How do we do the same? We make a conscious effort to be happy always. I believe our children live unconsciously in the present and we adults have to make an effort to live in the present. We have one life, embrace it fully with all your emotions of love, hate, anger, happiness and sadness. Experience it every moment, and enjoy it fully. 

Today I am on a journey of wellness and I am on a mission to transform the life of I million people through wellness. I love you, I thank you!

(About Swatantra Chhabra Kalra: Swatantra is a wellness entrepreneur. She describes herself as A mother, A Wife, A Daughter, A Sister, A Friend and a learner for life. Being with people excites her the most.  Her mission in life is to spread love, joy and wellness through natural living. She is a creative designer and a collector of moments. She believes that “life is lived in small small moments.”)

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