10:51 AM | 08-02-2021

My kid is 8 years old. From the age of 4 he is suffering from wheezing, cold, cough and later Alopecia. Pls let me know how do I help my kid from this suffering. He has got 4-5 patches on the head.

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12:01 PM | 10-02-2021

Hello S Ramya,

In children the symptoms for cough and cold include cough,running nose,headache, fatigue,lack of appetite. 

What can be done?

  • Prepare a mixture of ginger,turmeric,black pepper,tulasi  and give it to your child. 
  • Give hot water steam to your child.
  • Give your child hot water with honey and lemon.
  • Apply warm mustard oil mixed with rock salt to your child's chest.
  • Include nuts,almonds, raisins,sprouts to your child's diet.

Things to avoid 

  • Avoid the child's contact with the infected person. 
  • Keep a ban on your child's chocolate, candies. 
  • Keep your child away from cold.
  • Avoid dairy foods .

Thank you 

11:41 AM | 09-02-2021


4 year old is such a young age to be tackling such problems, Wheezing, cold, cough and alopecia are all signs of inflammation inside the body.

Your son’s body is loaded with toxins, you need to get rid of the toxins

  • He should clean his mucus 3- 4 time daily (Treatments are given below to loosen up the mucus)
  • Make sure he plays in the sunshine (early morning or late evening) daily for 1 hour
  • He should drink 1.5 - 2 L of water every day, should not have constipation and gets peaceful sound sleep in the night.

Foods to eat –

  • Eat whole plant-based foods
  • Give food such as leafy greens, spinach, pumpkin seeds, nuts and seeds, turmeric, onions, garlic, ginger, tulsi, pineapple, carrots, Flax seeds, berries, pomegranates
  • Eat as much as Raw foods possible including microgreens, tulsi, ginger, garlic.

Treatment protocol –

  1. Use air purifiers and vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters to remove allergens in the air.
  2. Go for frequent steam inhalation by adding 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  3. Provide your kid with lukewarm water to sip to bring in some relief. Add pieces of ginger,tulsi and lemon along with a few pinches of turmeric to your water. These ingredients are effective bronchodilators, helping reduce the intensity of the symptoms.
  4. Drink herbal decoction daily (recipe shared below)
  5. Perform pranayama daily (Nadishoodhan, Surya bhedna, Bhramri , kapalbhati)
  6. Eat foods that are alkaline in nature, containing vital energy, are local, seasonal and fresh
  7. It is very difficult to teach Neti kriya to a child, If he can learn Neti kriya and perform under guidance it will be very good for his respiratory health.
  8. Place hot water bag for 15 minutes on the upper back (lung area), after that massage towards the upward direction for 10 minutes, ask your son to remove the mucus after the massage.
  9. Give him reflexology (acupressure) daily on foot for 15 minutes
  10. Use lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils to diffuse in your house the whole day
  11. For hair loss – Add 1 tablespoon of fenugreek powder into your oil, let it sit for 48 hours (do not heat the oil) Apply the oil in hair massage with light hands and wash after 8 hours.

Things to avoid in cold cough and asthma -

  1. Elimination of food allergens such as – gluten (wheat and wheat products, Milk and milk products – Highly inflammatory and mucus-producing)
  2. Sugar – White sugar must be avoided and replaced by Natural organic honey. Avoid dried cherries or apricots
  3. Avoid deep-fried, packed, processed, junk, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, smoking, non-vegetarian foods
  4. Avoid all the so-called immunity-boosting, growth-boosting drinks these are loaded with maltose which is highly inflammatory for the body
  5. Please avoid all the packed chips, frymes , Kurkure ( Kids love these, but I cannot stress enough about avoiding these, It’s a must to stop eating all of these to heal your child)

Get a vitamin panel and ESR done to get insight into the deficiencies and inflammation inside the body

Herbal Drink Recipe

  • Ingredients: Cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, tulsi, ajwain, cardamom, clove
  • Procedure - Take 2 cups of water, Add 1 cinnamon, a pinch of black pepper and ajwain, a small chunk of ginger, 2 cardamoms,2 cloves and 5-6 tulsi leaves boil until reduced to 1 cup.
  • Add honey, do not make it too sweet
  • Sip it hot twice daily.

I wish your son gets cured soon.


Dr. Stuti Gupta

12:19 PM | 08-02-2021


Thanks for sharing your concern. We do apprecaite your concern for your child's health condition. Please consider this -

As per Nature Cure, our body is designed to stay in a state of health, and diseases are often an attempt to restore any imbalance inside the body. The imbalance is caused because of toxins - which are an output of metabolism and are also added due to unnatural lifestyle choices. Nature has equipped us with the measures of eliminating the toxins on a regular basis - through breathing, stool, urine, sweat, mucus depositions in the nose, eyes, and genitals, etc. Whenever there is toxic overload due to insufficient or faulty elimination our body starts a few special elimination processes. Those are considered as Acute diseases like Flu, Loose-motions, cough, cold, fever, skin rashes, and acute pain. At this stage, instead of supporting the body to get rid of toxins we often suppress symptoms by restoring to quick-fixes like medicines, etc. As a result, the body is unable to throw away the toxins. This is when the ever-increasing amount of toxins in the body starts creating long term disease conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, ulcer, etc. Increased creatinine levels are an indication of faulty elimination. And when we further ignore the symptoms or try to suppress them and then the state of the disease takes a turn for the worse. This is when the body has completely given up and starts shutting down slowly, resulting in auto-immune diseases. Alopecia is an auto immune disorder.

The way to reverse diseases is to adopt a natural lifestyle which in turn helps get rid of the toxins and supports the body by providing the right environment for self-healing. You can explore our  Natural Health Coaching Program that helps you in making the transition, step by step. Our Natural Health Coach will look into your child's daily routine in a comprehensive way and give you an action plan. She/he will guide you on the diet, sleep, exercise, stress to correct your child's existing routine & make it in line with Natural Laws.

In the meanwhile, you can go through: 

 Blogs -

You can also read stories on of people who could take care of their cold/respiratory issues just by following Natural Laws.  Also, read this story of healing Alopecia.

We wish your child a healthy life!

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