02:16 PM | 14-06-2021

How to treat hairfall I'm facing hairfall too much these days. Hair thinning?

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3 Answers

06:31 PM | 15-06-2021

Hello Snehal,

Lifestyle changes can cure any problem including hair loss.

What can be the reason for hairfall?
Hairfall may be due to the nutritional deficiencies or it may also occur due to pollution, dust or some allergy.Using chemical based products on hairs may also be the reason for hairfall. 

What could be done to stop hairfall?


  • Have fruits and vegetables which are rich in iron,vitamins, minerals like pomegranate, spinach,beetroot. 
  • Avoid milk and other dairy products. 
  • Avoid tea and coffee.
  • Have 4-5 soaked almonds. 
  • Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. 
  • Have nuts,sprouts, beans which are a good source of protein and protein is essential for healthy hairs.


Mix coconut oil with castor oil and warm it.Then,massage your scalp for 5-10min with this warm oil.


Shirsha asana, parvat asan are very effective for hairfall. These asanas improves the blood circulation and hence gives strength to the roots.

 Local applications on hairs 

  • Don't use chemicals on your hairs.
  • In place  of chemical based conditioners, use aloe vera gel.
  • Wash your hairs with reetha and black mud.
  • Don't wash your hairs with warm water. 

Thank you 

06:31 PM | 15-06-2021

Hello Snehal,

The main cause when we deal with hair loss is when we get exposed to pollution and chemical products. Yes, our digestion and bad eating habits are also part of the same as the hair is made of nutrients itself. The main thing to take care of, diet is to increase our protein intake. Our body has the power to regenerate only if we provide our body with the right type of nutrients, by following a natural lifestyle you not only correct the hair fall problem but also treat yourself well with correct nutrients.

Hair is made out of protein named keratin, by eating the right kind of food items, we can increase the protein intake and deal with the same. Hair and nails are made up of some type of protein, so you can also co-relate when your hair is in bad shape even your nails become brittle. So here are a few things which need to be corrected. So let us focus on what lifestyle changes we can make:


  • Eating food that has a high amount of proteins are legumes, green leafy vegetables, nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc.
  • Seeds like chia, pumpkin, and flax seeds are also necessary.
  • Coconut water and even eating shredded coconut are found to be very beneficial for hair health.

Regular massaging of hair is important to take care of pigmentation. Here are a few hair packs which you can try to deal with hair loss problems.

1.Methi seeds, methi seeds powder two tablespoons mixed with rose water it helps in getting the hair stronger and thicker with greying issues cured and help from hair to roots. Before applying the methi seeds pack make sure you apply the oil at night, so the pack does not stick to hair.

2. Onion juice paste is another beneficial thing for hair health. This will ensure to deal with the hair fall.

3. There is one more way of coconut oil massage, where you warm the coconut oil and add curry leaves to it, let it splutter and then use for massage.


Here is some exercise that you can start for your hair and scalp health.

  • Rubbing your nails with each other helps in the treatment of hair health as it boosts the blood circulation to the scalp, hair, and nails have the same type of protein involved.
  • Chakrasana is another asana that would be recommended for healthy hair.


While massaging your hair what you can do is close your eyes, and visualize your hair becoming stronger and shinier making it healthy. You can take a deep breath, start healthy music in the background you can feel the blood circulation getting a boost. This will help in relaxation and ensuring healthy hair health.


Having a sound 7-8 hours of sleep is helpful in treating anybody's problem, a healthy sleep leads to a healthy mind and body. So make sure you are free your room from any gadgets an hour before sleep so you get a radiation-free room and a good tension-free sound sleep.

Hopefully, this will help you

Thank you


03:48 PM | 17-06-2021

Thank you so much 💕

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