09:35 AM | 02-05-2019

Hi all! I am very anxious and need help. My daughter fell down on the road while cycling. She bruised her elbow badly. While the first thing I did was giving her first aid, I want to know how I can help her recover naturally. She is in pain also.

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3 Answers

12:06 PM | 07-02-2019

Lemon shots with haldi is our new found pain-killer! For relief from pain as well as fast healing of the wound please do give her lemon shots – equal amount of lemon juice and water mixed together. You could add a pinch of haldi too. Give at least 3-4 times in a day. All the best!

12:06 PM | 07-02-2019

In our family, we have gradually learnt to adopt natural ways of dealing with any kind of physical ailment. In the beginning, it was very difficult to resist taking / giving medicines to treat the problem/pain, but now we are more confident to let the body do its work while we eat and sleep well to support it. Yes, eating and sleeping right is what you need to focus on.

  1. Sleeping – The time when we are asleep is when the body channelizes all its resources for repair and maintenance work. Therefore, allow your child to take lot of rest and sleep well. Its best if she doesn’t spend too much time in front of gadgets to get mental rest as well.
  2. Eating – Whenever there is any distress in the body, a wound in your case, the body immediately works towards healing the same. At this time, it is of great help to reduce the effort our body needs to put in digestion so that the focus can remain on healing. Hence eat only easily digested foods like fruits, fruit juices/smoothies, lightly steamed vegetables, soups etc.

12:05 PM | 07-02-2019

Hi! I appreciate your anxiety viz-a-viz your child’s wound and pain. Here, I would like to emphasize that it is very important for us to have faith in the healing capacity of our body. The body has its own, natural mechanism to heal /repair/regenerate. We simply need to support the body throughout the process. From nature cure’s perspective, whether it’s an illness or a wound we shouldn’t try to treat it with chemical substances (until it’s a serious emergency). In case of a wound, you could gently clean the wound with haldi water. Haldi has great healing powers. You could even apply haldi powder mixed with honey. Also, try giving her lots of fruits, fruit juices, veggies juices. All the best!

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