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08:53 AM | 09-11-2020

What are natural remedy for Vitiligo and Care routine for Vitiligo?

11:41 AM | 19-11-2020

Hi! I'm 43 yrs old, having thyroid problem since 17 years. My weight is 71, height is 5. 4. How can I reduce my weight?

11:03 AM | 18-11-2020

Hi! My everyday routine is : Morning coconut water then fresh fruit plate. Salad then lunch, evening green juice and dinner home cooked food. But as winter has started I feel pain in back, fingers and knees from mid night. Is there anything I can include in my diet or night routine to follow so I can cure these pain?

12:12 PM | 19-11-2020

Pls suggest me something for heel pain.

12:14 PM | 19-11-2020

Running nose even after taking antibiotics, any natural remedy?

11:07 AM | 16-11-2020

My last period date was 19th September, can I be pregnant?

06:01 PM | 26-08-2020

Hello doctor! I am Raju, 30 years old. Am suffering with sleeping problem, while sleeping my brain is continuously discuss something itself, remembers, thinks very past memories, people, remembers and visualizes scary things, am trying to avoid these but it is only for few seconds then automatically starts the same thing as above, I have sub clinical thyroid, what to do to overcome this problem?

10:44 AM | 16-11-2020

I have uveitis. Is it curable?

09:26 AM | 20-12-2019

Sir, I have a herpes zoster skin problem. What should I do? What remedies should I take?

11:24 AM | 25-08-2020

I am 25 years old IT employee. I use to sit most of the time with computer screen. I am already using power glasses for eyesight. Now, with this computer screen my eyes are strained a lot and some times my left eye feels so painful. Please suggest me some how to decrease this eyestrain. Thanks in advance.

10:55 AM | 16-11-2020

I'm suffering from Cardio phobia, due to which I have death anxiety. My heart reports are normal, Dr said I have tachycardia due to anxiety and stress. But still I have chest tightness (due to acidity Dr said) , high pulse rate, headache and dizziness. Due to anxiety I'm also facing digestive issues and mental health is declining. I always feel like this is my last breath. How do I recover from this?

10:40 AM | 16-11-2020

I am aged 39 years. A hypertension patient from last one year. I am on medication. Now my BP is under control, 80/120. But there is 24/7 continuous sensation in hands and shivering of hands from last two to three months. What kind of symptoms are these. How can I overcome this problem?

06:26 PM | 28-08-2018

My brother has cervical spondylitis. The pain is so acute that he has to take steroids. Can naturopathy be a cure? Anybody here aware about it?

11:02 AM | 16-11-2020

What are the symptoms of Dengue?

11:08 AM | 16-11-2020

What are the first signs of pregnancy?

03:05 PM | 13-11-2020

Hi! I am too thin but I want to build up my body a little bit so I can fit in my dresses. Please help me.

10:42 AM | 12-11-2020

Can swollen lymph nodes be treated. I have swollen lymph nodes under my neck ,from then I have cough problem. It's been a year still not cured. Please help me

10:01 AM | 17-11-2020

Can you suggest treatment of lymph-edema in legs?

10:25 AM | 17-11-2020

इन दिनों sanitizers एवम् soap hand wash के नियमित अभ्यास के कारण हाथों की त्वचा शुष्क हो गई है जो कि हथेलियों में जलन भी पैदा करती है.. प्राकृतिक तौर तरीकों से इस समस्या को कैसे सम्भाला जा सकता है??

10:44 AM | 12-11-2020

Hi through your expert guidelines I solved my hyperthyroidism. Now menopause is going on. I am loosing my wt. It is 55. Ht. 5. 2. In 2018 November it was 64. Till that day I didn't regain from march onwards doing yoga for 1 hour and walk daily 40 min in morning and 30 min in evening. Hot flashes comes 10 to 15 times in a day Please help

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