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11:31 AM | 18-08-2022

Once in 3 months I get acutely acidity and pain in my check. I know it’s pure reflux and nothing to do with the heart. Have got it checked too. How do I eliminate acidity forever?

11:07 AM | 18-08-2022

I have two lypoma balls,one in my wrist and other is in my armfit from 7 years, how can I cure,and I have pain in my both of chest from one month and I don't get my periods from two months, please suggest thanq

09:30 AM | 16-08-2022

Where do I see the courses I bought? Unable to find them

09:31 AM | 16-08-2022

Where do I get health related e books?

03:21 PM | 03-03-2022

I want to know about weight loss program. Can anyone please reply to this?

08:46 AM | 26-07-2022

How to fix acidity naturally, without taking regular pills? Acidity also creates the fear preventing the practice of fasting.

03:25 PM | 23-07-2022

Hey my age is 24 aur mai bodybuilding karta hu last year maine 1 years me 6 kg gain kiya but ab last month se gain nhi ho raha hai mai dite and workout is very good but fir bhi nhi ho raha hai plss suggest me

12:05 PM | 06-07-2022

Is it healthy to drink water from copper utensils?

03:02 PM | 16-07-2022

Hello mam.. Meri age 23 years h or mere ek beti h and m bahut hi dubli patli hu. M mota hone k liye kya kru.. Please suggest me

10:13 AM | 05-07-2022

My age is 38 years, weight is 80 kg, taking thyrox88 ,period is regular 28 days of cycle trying to conceive from last one year but unable to conceive. Ultrasound report is also OK. Kindly guide ME what I do?

10:23 AM | 04-07-2022

How to cure recurring vaginal yeast Infection? Kindly advise please

10:07 AM | 04-07-2022

I m 33 yr old mother of one girl suffering from advanced stage chronic kidney disease. Creatinine has risen to 6. 84 and dialysis is not ongoing. Doctors are saying me to go for kidney transplant.. But I don't wanna go for kidney and and I really want to get healthy by any alternative way.. So my humble request pls help me

11:07 AM | 06-04-2022

I am 23 yrs. I am suffering from thyroid, skin issues may be psoriasis. Because of these I am mentally depressed. How can I cure these naturally?

01:19 PM | 01-07-2022

Hair thinning. My age 44, Female

01:05 PM | 01-07-2022

Hello ma'am , mera beta 5th year running. 1month se skin par rashes aaten hai.

10:36 AM | 01-07-2022

My daughter is 11 and diagnosed with vitiligo. Is some nature cure treatment available

10:54 AM | 01-07-2022

How can I detox for a day naturally

05:26 PM | 30-06-2022

Hi, I am 23 years old. I am diagnosed with thyroid of TSH-6. 654 and also suffered from skin issues. Doctor prescribed me to take thyroid medicine. I am very depressed to take medicine. How can I naturally correct my thyroid problem??

03:51 PM | 30-06-2022

Hi, I need to get in touch with someone from wellcure team who can help us deal with osteopenia, related to bones health. Please send me the contact details asap. I have been following wellcure since one year and now I want to refer it to someone suffering with this disease.

12:06 PM | 30-06-2022

My niece who is 18 years old, has excessive white discharge which is smelly. She sometimes has to use even pads. Why is this happening and how can it be cured?

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