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12:13 PM | 02-04-2020

My baby boy is 2 n half years old but the problem of constipation he is facing since he was 6 months old. I was constantly giving him laxatives like Eva q ,smuth l,sodium picosulfate ,but without these laxatives his stool becomes very hard and very difficult to pass out then I take help of suppositories. Plz suggest some guidelines to avoid his constipation.

09:28 PM | 29-06-2020

I'm having light bleeding during my period, sticky consistency with some tissue pieces. Please help!

10:14 PM | 29-06-2020

Hello, All Of sudden why does one gets chills but no fever?

11:55 AM | 11-05-2020

Hello All , my 4 yr old son is have morning allergy. He sneezes 5-6 times early morning daily , and has cold in early hours of the day and gets fine in the afternoon. Have done treatment homeopathic , allopathy but not helping. This is been from last 6 months. Pls suggest.

11:00 AM | 05-05-2020

Hi! I am suffering from allergy in eyes, ear, nose and throat and skin. I also have cold and throat infection. Pls help!

12:22 PM | 29-06-2020

I have some time faced constipation and some time stomach upset cramps in stomach please tell me the remedies

12:10 PM | 29-06-2020

I have major dandruff problem since last 4 year, so I need to treat it permanently. Pls advise

11:44 AM | 29-04-2020

Hi! I m 27 yrs old. As it is month of Ramadan I m fasting in afternoon time I experience pain below the belly button for some time may be for 1 hr, its not constant. Can anyone plz tell me the cause for it and any remedies. I experience only while I m fasting,not otherwise.

10:10 PM | 29-06-2020

Hey, I am having emotional problem when around crowd, how can I fix that?

10:03 PM | 29-06-2020

Sir my gastric problem is getting more since two weeks I am taking mucaine gel for two times before food but still I am not feeling good so inform what to do to cure gastric problem permanently?

09:31 PM | 29-06-2020

I have itchy and dry eyes after I did sun gazing for few days. Now it has become red after itching too much. How to get rid of this?

02:47 PM | 26-06-2020

In one day how much water we should drink?

12:21 PM | 29-06-2020

I am having sleep problem, not getting sleep. Please suggest some remedy.

12:38 PM | 26-06-2020

Hi, my son is suffering from gastrointestinal problem, doctor gave medicine still he has pain in tummy, can't sleep peacefully crying saying (tummy me dard horaha hai mom ). I can hear some sound (like passing air) from tummy what to do. Please help.

09:38 PM | 11-06-2020

After frequently washing hands my skin got really dry, was peeling off and now there is redness and scar. What all home remedies can be done for that?

12:30 PM | 26-06-2020

I am suffering from sinus problem from 4 years, please help!

12:22 PM | 26-06-2020

Hi, I have query regarding my health issues. I have stone in my gall bladder 18 mm but I don’t have any problem due to stone like pain, nausea etc. I had PCOS now it’s cured and don’t have any problem in periods. Now my concern is mostly in evening I feel empty under my sternum in between the ribs and feel heavy( no pain and other symptoms) if I have antacid or sugar it stops hurting me. Please suggest me what can I do?

01:18 PM | 03-04-2020

Namaskaar I am 29 years old, suffering from constipation from last 3 years. Not getting solution to cure. Plz help me out.

12:06 PM | 11-05-2020

Hi I have constipation problem plz guide me.

12:11 PM | 11-05-2020

I am having constipation and insomnia problem. If the two are fine I don't get depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, insomnia problem. Pls tell me if you have any permanent cure?

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