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12:23 PM | 02-04-2020

Which is best meditation for mood disorder???

12:19 PM | 02-04-2020

I m 30 years old and 20 kg overweight. There are various small nodules under the skin in stomach region since childhood but it never hurt me. Now, 2 or 3 nodules giving pain since 2 months. When I went to doctor before few days of lockdown he diagnosed me with lipoma and gave medicines - omega 3 fatty acid and atrovastatin and also 30 little tablets without any wrapper,also prohibited avoid fatty food. Doing all this activity but I don't feel any improvement, it hurts me still. Plz help me.

12:11 PM | 02-04-2020

I want to put on some weight. I tried a lot of products or diets but that did not work. What should I do or what kinda diet should I prefer to gain some weight?

07:31 PM | 01-04-2020

How BP low?

07:34 PM | 01-04-2020

Hi, I am suffering from pcos since long time and started following the diet shared over here. I have indulged in food cooked in oil at a friend's house. What should be the next step to detox? Please advice.

09:36 PM | 24-03-2020

My sister, she is 30 year old. She suffers from severe abdomen pain during her menstrual cycle. She have tried many treatments in past but can get rid out of this. What are the causes and remedies for this???

05:39 PM | 31-03-2020

I am having allergic cough now, the throat irritation is also there. Mostly in winter season i used to have such difficulty but this time still it is persistent, though i do salt gargling , steam inhaler avoided all cold items like curd ice cream etc. Can anybody help me.?

03:38 PM | 01-04-2020

How to cure 15-20 year old dry eczema on legs naturally?

10:33 AM | 30-03-2020

In my right testicle, the veins of testicle is larger and can seen from outside, the testicle size is also larger than my left testicle. How to cure?

07:55 PM | 31-03-2020

Can I get a virtual yoga teacher?

07:56 PM | 31-03-2020

I am looking for online yoga program in this quarantine season.???

10:23 AM | 30-03-2020

Hi! I am getting bad and painful boils on my body. Now it has started coming up 2-3 at a time. I tried antibiotics but that is temporary effect. Once the antibiotics course is over, it will come up again in 2 weeks. Can anyone suggests better treatment in this lock down?

11:34 AM | 01-04-2020

My mother doesn't get sleep in the nights very easily. Most of the days she keeps twisting around and doesn't sleep for an hour also. Please help in this matter.

09:59 AM | 24-02-2020

My whole body is swollen. I am of 49 year old lady. There is also body ache. I consume amifru 40. Tablet. Is there any problem?

05:38 PM | 31-03-2020

How to get deep sleep?

10:31 AM | 30-03-2020

I am suffering from high cholesterol. Is there any diet plan to control cholesterol?

10:30 AM | 30-03-2020

Anyone having digestive issues over a long time and completely recovered from it? If yes ,can you please help how you have done that?

10:27 AM | 30-03-2020

How to treat eyes rheum?

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