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11:59 AM | 06-07-2020

I have recently started to have very small white pimple in upper side of lip (inner part ). And I sometimes feel burning sensation when eating specially spicy food. Pls help.

11:28 AM | 06-07-2020

Sir I am suffering from varicose veins problem on the right side of my body. There are many blockage points and cause itching. Pl guide me.

03:00 PM | 01-07-2020

Hello, my name is pankaj and I am 23 yr old, I gets pain in my eyes easily while I am doing study or watching TV, in a half hour of studying started feeling of stress in my eyes, I checked up of my eyes from doctor and reports came normal. I am preparing for competition exam, but I can't do my study for long time due to this problem, so please suggest me something for rid from this problem.

03:18 PM | 01-07-2020

Hello Sir/Ma’am,I have been experiencing loss of taste since one week without any other problem. Only taste has been lost. Also I’m able to taste sweet but not salty foods. I’m even able to smell but only the taste buds have been lost. Please can you help me out with this problem?

12:07 PM | 29-06-2020

Hello all, I am 29 year old,had been diagnosed with PCOD and trying to conceive from past 3 years. Recently my doctor told me that the egg quality of mine is not good. I am already maintaining a healthy lifestyle with yoga. Any suggestions for some natural way to improve egg quality or some diet plan that can help me out????

11:59 AM | 02-07-2020

Hello! I am Dhandapani from Bangalore. I had MI 4 years back and one stent was planted. I suffered from anxiety disorder too. I am taking 4 tablets daily, due to this I am suffering from acidity and heart burning. I am on homeopathy medicine also but not much relief so any one of you please suggest good permanent cure.

11:09 AM | 06-07-2020

I m not able to digest food properly I have loose stool and mucus in that what to do?

11:00 AM | 06-07-2020

Tell treatment for insomnia please.

11:26 AM | 06-07-2020

I am 60 years old. I have so much gas problem & in-digestion problem. Pls help.

06:18 PM | 28-08-2018

What is the reason for increased gas in the body? Is it okay for the body to throw out toxins! Or is it a disease to be taken care of?

12:53 PM | 03-07-2020

Kumbhak is good in summer or not?

12:33 PM | 03-07-2020

My tummy looks enlarged what is it?

12:07 PM | 02-07-2020

I am a 65 plus male, I need to know that how many steps in a day should be satisfactory to remain healthy.

03:11 PM | 02-07-2020

I have acne problem on my face. My skin is sensitive to oily. How can I heal my acne?

02:07 PM | 01-07-2020

Hello everyone I am having dark circles. This maybe due to stress and it feels heaviness on my forehead all the day. Can anyone help me to cure this. Thanks

11:58 AM | 13-04-2020

I am suffering from pimples, acne and dark spots on face. How i can get rid of the above symptoms kindly help me?

12:01 PM | 02-07-2020

I am 35 yr old women. From past 3 months I am having slight discomfort in my left chest. Sometimes its like cramp & sometimes I have dull pain (but the pain is on & off). Due to pandemic situation I am unable to visit cardio dr. No thyriod, hemoglobin level normal. Pls suggest.

01:44 PM | 01-07-2020

Having left sided rib pain in front and back. Having cervical disc degeneration problem. Help me!

12:35 PM | 03-07-2020

I am getting pulse in my left palm suddenly. I have cervical disc degeneration problem. Why this pulse occurring? Kindly help me to overcome it naturally.

08:15 AM | 27-04-2020

My mother is having bleeding gum and smelling breath. Is this gingitivis? Please suggest me any remedies and tips for it.

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