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How To Interpret Thyroid From Nature’s Point Of View?

Hormonessecreted by the thyroid help maintain the brain, heart, muscles, and other organs, and help the body to use energy properly. So when something goes awry that leads to underactive or overactive thyroid, your metabolism either revs up too high or slows way down.

Hypothyroidism, also calledunderactive thyroid or low thyroid, is a condition in which your thyroid gland doesn't produce enough of certain important hormones. It upsets the normal balance of chemical reactions in your body. Similarly, hyperthyroidismis the condition when the thyroid gland is overactive & it makes excessive amounts of hormones.

Whenever our body is out of balance, it indicates to us through an illness or disease. Whichever type of thyroid it is, it is body’s way of indicating to us that the hormones are out of balance. Our body always works for us to be in good health. We just have to support it correctly & this can be done by staying in-sync with nature.

Chemicals & thyroid

Chemicals are a key reason for hormonal imbalance, because chemicals are hormone disruptors.

Where do these chemicals come from?

  • These chemicals come in our food when we eat non organic food.
  • Chemicals come in packaged food as preservatives & other artificial agents.
  • We unknowingly put chemicals in or on our body when we use toothpastes or mouth wash. We often ignore the chemicals in them and these are harmful. Chemical are absorbed by our skin when we apply shampoos, soaps, make-up, perfumes and talcum powders. If your skin is dry, put coconut oil, olive oil.
  • Chemicals are also all around us in our houses when we use air fresheners, pest control and cleaning agent. Minimise them!
  • There are environmental pollutants too. Avoid putting more pollutants into the environment.
  • Another cause of hormonal problems is the hormones that we are taking in…in the form of dairy & dairy products, eggs & flesh food. The food suppliers inject hormones in all these animals in our food chain so that they grow faster and yield more.

So how do we keep ourselves away from these hormone disruptors?

What to do?

  1. We should eat whole plant based foods. Try to eat organic if you can know the source of your food in a credible manner. Say no to animal products.
  2. Avoid packaged foods
  3. Shift to natural personal & home care products.

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