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There is a direct relationship between consciousness and health. The larger the consciousness, the better is health. Our sickness makes consciousness shrink and if consciousness is shrinking, one is likely to attract sickness soon. When disease takes center-stage in one’s life, the entire focus shifts only to the suffering and there is little attention or emotion for anything outside of it. Thus, we can deduce that consciousness gets shrunk to that specific suffering. It is at this time, that one begins to turn to the mystical aspect of the universe, which was ignored by keeping the consciousness fixed on survival.

Spirituality has always rested on the premise of self-discovery, and thus an expanded consciousness. Therefore, in this age of convergence, health will emerge from spirituality and what has been termed as alternative treatment will cease to be alternative.

The world seems to have been taken over by the fancy of expanded consciousness but is grappling at the same time, with its fine nuances and context.

Consciousness in simple words is "what you are aware of". If I am aware of only somehow trying to survive and run my family, then my consciousness is as limited as that. To further simplify, there are 2 things:

a)Your awareness is around your survival and responsibilities. When you are in this mode, your consciousness is limited to it and it disconnects you from the flow of life. You would not notice stars in the sky from your balcony and so on.

b) People are aware that survival is just one aspect and there are other things in life far more important. You can check for yourself that for how many hours or minutes, you step out of your survival mode and do something around the flow of your own spirit.

We use this concept in our treatment and also have a technique (NV-Fishing) designed which we teach in the workshop. It begins to open up your consciousness step-by-step, effortlessly and turns you very intimate with yourself. Having arrived here once, disease and suffering play the vanishing act on their own!

(This blog has been written Naveen Varshneya, founder NV Life and author of the self-help book- Meditation-The Cure, through which he brings his years of research to the readers, along with teaching them how to access the cure within.)

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