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Creating Team @ Wellcure. Com

If Health & Natural healing is your passion, this invitation is for you.

If you want to spread the knowledge of Natural Healing among masses so that maximum people can live a disease-free and medicine-free life, let’s work together!

What Do We Do?

At Wellcure, we are trying to build the go-to platform for Natural Healing where people can find all the knowledge, implementation tools, and access to experts of natural healing. The science of natural healing is globally applicable.  With the mission to make it accessible and implementable across the globe, we are looking at expanding to maximum countries, reaching/ healing 1 million subscribers in 1 year as the first milestone. 

What Can You Achieve?

Work with us in transforming the global health map towards natural healing and sustained health.  

  • Be part of creating a new industry segment of healing people naturally and without the use of any medicines.

  • Get the benefit of collective growth and happiness working with a team instead of trying to do things all alone.

  • Benefit from the exponential wealth that might get created as we progress on our path of making Wellcure a successful venture.

Together we can make a greater impact.

We have the following business verticals and functions in Wellcure so please see what could be of your interest to join the team or collaborate with us. 

# - Business Verticals - Suitable for

1. Natural Health Content : Written Blogs, Recipes, Testimonials, Health Q&A - Content Writers (Preferably, but not necessarily, health-oriented subjects)

2. Natural Health Content : Graphics and Videos - Graphic designers and video makers (Preferably, but not necessarily, health oriented subjects)

3. Natural Healing Coaching : Trained health coaches on Natural healing and nutrition methods - Natural healing experts & Naturopathy doctors. (As many natural healing experts follow various principles, we will need to find a common ground to work together, in case there are any mismatches in our approach)

4. Technology-based Natural Healing : Using AI, Machine Learning to build platform features that help in natural healing - Product, UI/UX, and Technology development experts for Android, iOS, Web, and Backend, along with implementation knowledge of progressive technologies.

5. E-learning courses related to the science of natural healing - Instructional designers, E-learning course development professionals.

6. Natural Health workshops, events, retreats and detox programs (both online and physical formats) - Event & tourism operations professionals.

7. Natural health bazaar (e-commerce & affiliate marketplace) - E-commerce professionals (Category Managers). Natural health product vendors /professionals, Food technologists

8. Natural health food (online ordering and delivery of healthy food as per the holistic nutrition principles) - Online food industry professionals (Marketplace Managers) Natural health food vendors/professionals, Food technologists.

9. Corporate Natural Health workshops - Sames as point 3 (Natural Healing experts) but with some experience in coaching.

10. International market expansion and Alliances - People who understand and have experience in international markets.

Following will be different functions of the Company

# - Business Function - Work Profile

1. Online/Digital Sales & Marketing - SEM, Facebook/Instagram, SEO, Email, SMS, Social Media, Product Marketing, Content Marketing, PR etc.

2. Offline Sales & Marketing - Conducting Health events, Outdoor marketing, communities, societies, gyms and other health institutions.

3. Alliances & Partnerships - Working with various people in the health and other sectors to grow visibility, revenue and subscribers of Wellcure.

4. Content writing & Management - Writing Natural Health content to gain online subscribers through promotion and SEO.

5. Video and Graphic Content Creation - Making Natural Health content to gain online subscribers

6. Product, Design and Technology development - For developing the platform of global standards.

7. Customer service Operations - Managing customer communication, issues, and feedback.

8. Partner Service Operations - Managing all the work related to various Natural Healing experts and organisations working with Wellcure

9. Data Analytics and reporting - Data insights for growth and reporting to investors.

10. Finance, Legal, HR & Admin - All support functions

11. Quality control - Natural healing professionals, Food technologists

12. Business Growth & Strategy - Growth hackers and strategy professionals.

Let’s Get Aligned

Before you read below, we would like to inform you that joining a startup involves a lot of hardship, ownership, and performance-driven compensation & rewards which could be nothing to exponential. So only if you think you are ready to take that risk and trust your performance capability, you should be considering joining the Wellcure team. 

If you are one of those who expects to get rewards for your efforts irrespective of whether results are achieved or not, we would request you avoid approaching us. You will not be able to do justice to both Wellcure and your own professional path.

Essential Qualities

To join our team you must possess these three Important traits - Ownership, Respect & Performance

Ownership – One who is ready to own the inputs and outputs related to his work. We do not wish to get people who work only on the direction of others and feel no responsibility for their work/output and blame everyone else other than themselves for their low performance. A start-up needs Go-getters who figure out solutions irrespective of the resource constraints. If you are not of those kinds, would request you to not consider these opportunities for the benefit of both sides.

Respect – Respecting everyone else in the company and outside, irrespective of who they are and what they do. If you keep talking about others faults and wrongdoings, then also you should avoid joining a startup, which is all about creating value on a daily basis and not destroying it.

Performance – People who are ambitious, treat success as their duty (and not just an option) and are ready to get performance-linked compensation. If you think you should get your salaries irrespective of the designated results being achieved, we will sincerely request avoid joining a startup. It cannot afford you and will get killed without even getting started properly!

If you align with our intrinsic values, come join us and discover your empowered self! 

Send your profile to along with a small mention of how you think you can contribute to Wellcure’s success. :-)

You can also connect with me on Linkedin at this link.


Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food & lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. The views expressed by the users are their personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

09:37 AM | 30-06-2020

Write Something here... I am a Senior Radiologist with 35 years in the field , and I am a firm believer in Healthy living & Wellness
I am 66 y , slowing down since the March 31 , a big % of illness is self created in body & mind , foot falls to a Clinic or Hospital will definitely come down with proper guidance of Healthy life style and food habits
Our vast country needs prevention first .
A lot of disease can be prevented if identified , there has to be a bridge between Modern Medicine , Ayurveda , Life style , Wellness , Yoga and other natural healing methods .
PS - I just uploaded your APP - Good Job keep it up .

Sumeet Kapur

09:37 AM | 30-06-2020

Thanks a lot Sir.

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