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Healthy and Fun Snacking

Snacking is a very emotional habit of our living and eating. When we snack on processed food, we gain unnecessary weight and also create health issues.

Here are some fun ways to snack healthy and increase health benefits.

1. Fruits - Clean your body toxins with natural juices of fruits. Prefer to eat a whole fruit and always start your breakfast with fruits.

2. Vegetables Sticks - Cut vegetables like Radish, Carrot, Cucumber in sticks and enjoy it with a home made whole food plant based dip. Increase your digestion power with the alkaline residue of vegetables.

3. Peanuts - Enjoy the heathy benefits of MUFA ( Mono unsaturated fatty acids) in Peanuts, they control the cholesterol levels of the body.

4. Nuts - Snacking on nuts like Almonds, Cashew, Pistachio, Walnuts increase the immunity of body and helps in boosting of metabolism.

5. Channa - A healthy snack for all ages, Roasted Channa nourishes body with manganese, copper, phosphorus and iron.

6. Makhana - Also known as fox nuts. Enjoy snacking on this and they also reduce the risk of kidney problems. And also help in weight loss.

7. Seeds - Increase nutritional content of body with vitamin, minerals and natural oil from seeds like Sesame, Flaxseed, Hemp, Sunflower, Melon, Apricot etc.

Enjoy fun way of heathy snacking, carry a fruit with you when you go out. Replace processed snacks at home and office with fresh fruits. Garnish your salads with seeds and nuts or make your own seed box to keep in your car. Include snacking of Peanuts and Makhana in gathering at your home. Make vegetables sticks as starters. Be creative in making your own combination of snacks. One of my favorite is Gud Channa.

Wish you a happy snacking with heathy way.

I Love you. I Thank you!

PS:) Photo Credit - A moms blog

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04:31 PM | 11-02-2019

I just did a mix of sunflower seeds ... Tarbooj seeds ...A bit of black til ... And roasted them on gas. Learnt this from a friend ...Surprisingly my 4 year old loves snacking on this!


04:23 AM | 01-12-2018

Thanks Asha, glad you find it useful.


02:45 PM | 29-11-2018

We should be careful about snacking on nuts. Better to go for raw, soaked, unsalted nuts. Roasted, salted nuts causes one to over eat..based on personal experience :)


02:44 PM | 29-11-2018

Nice article. Short and crisp

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