I healed naturally from high BP & cholesterol, post heart attack at a young age

It was one of the days in the spring of March 2014 in Ludhiana. Kamal woke up in the morning and discovered he had shooting pain in his left arm. Assuming it to be a muscle pull due to improper sleeping position, he ignored it for some time. Turns out, it was a case of heart attack. Read his engrossing journey to find how he bounced back from this sudden shock at a young age of 32, with the help of the body’s natural healing mechanism.


Kamal Sehgal

37, Founder Chairman & CEO: Career Tracks



The day of the heart attack

I remember waking up that morning on March 2014 with extreme pain in my left arm which escalated to an unbearing level as I reached my washroom, to get ready for office. I was in a state of immense confusion as I discovered that the pain had now spread towards the left side of my chest. Initially, I had dismissed it thinking it to be a muscle cramp but now I was getting worried about my condition. I was a healthy adult, who consumed a balanced diet and had no prior history of any chronic diseases. Just to assure myself, I went to a nearby doctor who gave me a painkiller, advised rest, and asked me to visit a cardiologist. I brushed his last words aside thinking that I am a young man in his prime, why do I need to consult a cardiologist?

I came back home and took a day off from work to rest. It was only when my father asked me if I still had any pain and further inquired about the doctor's analysis; we both realized that we should visit a cardiologist immediately. The cardiologist asked me to undergo an ECG. The results of the test shocked me as I was reported to have suffered a heart attack that morning! I was appalled as I was the kind of individual who was extra conscious of his dietary habits, especially after 2010, when my father had suffered a heart attack twice and undergone bypass surgery. Later in the evening, the doctor recommended that I should get admitted to the hospital as the pain wouldn’t subside unless it was treated properly. What followed was an angiography which pointed out that one of the minor vessels in my heart was completely blocked and it was the primary reason that I'd suffered a heart attack. To alleviate the pain and as a step to save my life, I had to follow the procedure of Stenting, wherein a stent was inserted in my coronary arteries so ensure constant blood supply to my heart.

The after-effects

I returned to normal life soon after but was put on life-term medications that included prescribed drugs for cholesterol and high BP. I continued with the regular tests and check-ups to be in complete control of my health. Unfortunately, the test results were not satisfactory. Be it the abnormal range of lipid profile or the high BP of 160/110 and 150/100. I continued the tests every 2-3 months for safety purposes., I was restless about my condition as I was taking all medicines prescribed by my doctor regularly. I was frustrated, angry, and was roaming meaninglessly to find the perfect solution. From 2014 to 2018 March, I'd tried every branch of medicine: allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda but hadn't received any fruitful results.

The meeting that got me back on my feet

It was in 2016 or 2017 when I attended a seminar in my city, related to Naturopathy. I attended this seminar by Dr Salila Tewari that gave me a basic understanding regarding the fundamentals of naturopathy. Post the seminar, Dr Tewari told me to visit her in Delhi. But due to my hectic schedule, this meeting kept getting delayed. Finally, my willpower and patience got exhausted as I underwent another set of tests in the month on March 2018 and received horrifying results of the same. This time the lipid reports were three times the normal value! I decided that I'd had enough of medicines and consulted a lot of doctors. Now was the time to take charge of my life and thus, I booked an appointment with Dr Tewari in Delhi.

The changes she introduced to my lifestyle included –

  • A natural food based easy-to-digest raw diet for 3 weeks which contained fresh fruits, vegetables, coconut water without salt or sugar. Post 3 weeks, I started consuming cooked food also slowly and steadily.
  • I cut-off dairy completely from my diet
  • In addition, I added yoga and pranayama exercises like ‘Anulom-Vilom’ to my regimen.
  • Daily walking to keep me active.
  • Consumption of raw garlic in the morning to fight BP issues.

Although it was tough in the beginning, I followed her instructions religiously for 3 months. After that when I got my tests done, I was elated that all my test reports were normal. My BP and cholesterol which had been high ever since the heart attack in 2014 inspite of taking regular medication for 4 years, were back to normal. I lost some weight, I was also feeling lighter, energized and happier. I immediately dropped my cholesterol medicines.


I was under the impression that I was always living healthily, in terms of eating habits. But now I support my body more. I mostly eat home-cooked simple food. Once or twice a week I switch to raw fruits, veggies & coconut water only. It re-energizes my body and releases unwanted toxins. This makes me feel healthier.

I now live a happier life, illness free. I have continued to consume raw garlic in the morning for BP. I know this is more of a journey of mentally preparing myself for it.

My health journey is ongoing and I am glad to share with you all where I am right now. Our natural system is made to return to its state of normalcy and good health, all we have to do is listen to our body, be in sync with nature, and have faith in ourselves.


(About Kamal Sehgal: I am the Founder Chairman & CEO at Career tracks. Apart from work, I enjoy travelling to hill stations to rejuvenate myself and also like listening to music)

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